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Meghan and Harry: Ultimate Survivors

9 March 2021

6:12 PM

9 March 2021

6:12 PM

Poor Meghan and Harry. Forget surviving wars, famines and droughts, even the ravages of the long-running Survivor television show. Are you a cancer survivor? Well, forget what you and your family had to endure, because Poor Meghan and Harry actually survived and live to tell the tale of their escape from the life of privilege and royalty of that torturous, draconian centuries-old institution the British Crown. 

Yes, after enduring that amazing royal wedding televised around the world and living the life of luxury, travelling around the world on private jets with servants to fulfill every want and whim, Poor Meghan and Harry want you to believe it was ‘unsurvivable’, but thank goodness they survived and thrived and are now living happily in LA-LA Land, where they can feel at home in the city of make believe, where they seem to be making up a lot that they want us to believe.

Depression and suicide are very real and serious subjects, but Poor Meghan managed to ridicule and defile the sanctity of this very real problem, by wanting us to believe that as a very pregnant first-time mother married to a Prince, she actually felt suicidal. Poor Meghan can’t make up her mind if she is a strong woman or mentally unstable or just having a temper tantrum because she cannot control everything.

She also wants us to believe the royal family are uncaring racists. All of a sudden and out of the blue they all turned upon Poor Meghan and Harry as they are having their second child. This charge of racism is as cruel as it is ridiculous. You will always find a minority of people who will make stupid remarks, but to level this accusation, which even Oprah found to be not credible, shows the level of immaturity and lack of breeding that Poor Meghan suffers from, and as many psychologists will tell you, creates her controlling personality. 

Poor Meghan and Harry did absolutely nothing to deserve any of the victimhood they are claiming. Or did they? They took zero responsibility for anything they did that may have caused any of their problems. Can you imagine the royal family no longer wanting to provide security to a couple of spoiled children who wanted to cash in on the royal name they hoped to hold on to while defiling the name of the House of Windsor?  They had great plans to be so independent, why would they not welcome paying for their own security? 

Let’s look at some facts here. Poor Meghan was welcomed into the royal family and people not just in Britain or the Commonwealth, but around the globe. were thrilled for Harry and his new bride.  But Poor Meghan was not very well behaved. Staff at the palace that hold jobs for decades just did not want to work for Poor Meghan. This was kept quiet, not to tarnish the reputation of the newlywed, but she did not learn and kept throwing tantrums.   

Yes, she is pretty, and it’s easy to be lovely to strangers and workplace friends, but she has no real relationships, and certainly no family relationships. She disrespected and held her father, who gave her her start in the television industry, in total disregard. She has no relationship with her half brothers and sisters, and now she has broken up Harry’s relationship with his family. What kind of role model is she for her own children?  How does she deprive them of living grandparents? Worse still, how does she deprive grandparents of their grandchildren ? What kind of person does that? 

Poor Meghan just looks vindictive and far from happy in orchestrating this interview with Oprah. She does strive to seem sweet and reasonable and does exhibit some acting skills in pulling this off, but you have to ask yourself, why on earth would she do something so public and embarrassing? The only answer is revenge because she did not get to control the Queen and everyone in Harry’s family. They saw in her behaviour that she just did not have what it takes to be a real princess and was the opposite of Princess Diana. Poor Meghan only convinced Harry she was like his mother, and even he is realizing she was just acting.  

In her interview with Oprah, she says she just wants to be authentic. How much more authentic can you be than mending relationships in your own life? What could be more important than that? Her father has never met Archie and now she’s having another child ? 

Why were we not allowed to see the huge mansion they are now living in, and just shown the modest farmyard scenes outside? Just like the stories that Poor Meghan and Harry told, their home life scenes of just regular farm folks were also orchestrated. I’ve always loved Oprah but am a little disappointed she allowed herself to be used in this way. 

Lily Steiner is an active member of the community, radio host on www.J-Air.com.au listen to her podcasts LilyHighOnLifel. She is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway. Lily specializes in out of the box thinking to improve revenues in businesses and works with companies, individuals and corporate entrepreneurs.

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