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Hello, darkness

Liberty’s lights are dimming

20 February 2021

9:00 AM

20 February 2021

9:00 AM

There’s something deeply disturbing going on in America which should concern freedom-loving people everywhere. It has been decades in the making, but is now in plain sight.

From the moment Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, Wall Street and Washington’s power elite declared him illegitimate. He was a crass interloper who threatened their socialist agenda and privileged, rent-seeking, lifestyles. He had to be purged.

And so the Democratic National Committee, abetted by influential partisans embedded within government agencies, embarked on ‘the greatest political witch hunt in American history’. Meanwhile, with eyes firmly fixed on November 2020, Time magazine has revealed ‘a well funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies’, worked together behind the scenes to ‘influence perceptions’, to change state election rules and laws and to control mainstream and social media coverage. It worked, upsetting 150 years of election lore. Conspirators maintain they didn’t rig the 2020 election, they just ‘fortified’ the process.

Whether rigged or not, the Democratic party machine is building on their win to undo the system’s safeguards and to ensure, as far as practicable, incumbency.

Nothing epitomises this more than the introduction of a bill bearing the Orwellian title, For the People Act. It is anything but. If passed, it will give the federal government power over the electoral system and allow automatic, unauthenticated voter registration and unwitnessed postal votes. As further insurance there is a proposal for the deeply Democratic territories of Washington DC and Puerto Rico, to become states of the union.

In the meantime, President Biden is planning a citizenship pathway for nine million aliens. These illegal immigrants live mainly in Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities and their inclusion in the census should permit the creation of additional Democrat members of Congress.

Yet to come is a Supreme Court stacked with partisan judges who will ‘reinterpret’, or virtually ignore, the US Constitution’s plain language and history.

To give the Biden administration the most positive start, its media cronies are censoring critical comment. Twitter has imposed a life ban on former President Trump and, after the Capitol Hill protests, suspended the accounts of 70,000 of his supporters. Apple, Amazon and Google banned ‘free speech’ site Parler and in a 24-hour period, YouTube removed 130,000 ‘dislikes’ posted on President Biden’s inauguration speech video. In solidarity with Biden’s mission to tackle ‘systemic racism’, Facebook appointed a former Obama White House staffer as ‘Vice President Civil Rights’, charged with curbing racial hatred and violence on its platform. One suspects this refers to whites only.

Clearly the new political environment has no time for diversity of opinion, so momentum is building to push the right-leaning Fox News from the air. The Washington Post which publishes under the slogan, ‘Democracy dies in darkness’ says advertisers should walk away from Fox and ‘citizens who care about the truth should demand that they do so’. CNN has joined the pile-on. To these enforcers of conformity, Murdoch media poses an existential threat.

Once inaugurated, President Biden wasted no time implementing the Democrat’s radical Green New Deal agenda. In his first fortnight, he signed double the number of executive orders of any president in the modern era. His actions overturned ‘the detrimental, harmful, and, at times, immoral policies and actions of the prior administration’, arrogantly brushing aside Trump’s 2016 mandate refreshed just last November by 74 million voters.

On Biden’s first day as president, he issued orders on sexual orientation in public schools, signalling to parents that social engineering, not scholarship, is his  administration’s priority.

On climate change, he appended a memo to his executive orders, committing the government to ‘evidence-based decisions’. Mindful that climate science is renowned for exaggerations, failed predictions, ‘homogenised’ statistics and outright falsehoods, it is intended to shut down debate. As George Orwell observed, ‘In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act’.

It follows that anyone with the ‘wrong opinion’ or who ‘peddles conspiracy theories’ is now ineligible for federal government employment.

According to the New York Times, America is suffering a ‘reality crisis’ and needs ‘a cross-agency task force’, led by a ‘reality tsar’ to tackle disinformation and domestic extremism. That ‘reality tsar’ would no doubt confirm  Democratic party propaganda that widespread Black Lives Matter riots involving looting, billions of dollars of property damage and 25 deaths, were ‘mostly peaceful’. And that the assault on the Capitol building by mainly Trump supporters was a riot by ‘white supremacists’, ‘devoted to a cultist leader’. Indeed, it was an ‘insurrection’, ‘incited’ by Mr Trump, demanding he be impeached a second time.

As Trump’s acquittal confirms, this was always political theatre, as was the deployment of 5,000 National Guardsmen on Capitol Hill, despite no reports of rioters with guns. But the theatrics had a more sinister purpose. It was to depict Trump and his supporters as bigoted, right-wing extremists, intent on turning America into a fascist dictatorship.

But middle America is used to narratives deviating from facts and while silencing free speech may suit the ascendant elite, it won’t fix the disenchantment deep within American society. The 74 million Trump voters are tired of minorities mobilising resentments and exaggerating prejudices to get what they want. They condemn the unremitting erosion of their liberties and the demonising of traditional values. As statues topple and as powerful cabals ‘fortify’ the election process against them, they are rapidly losing confidence in themselves as a nation.

Citizens of deeply Democratic states like New York, California and Illinois have seen this movie before and, at an accelerating rate, are finding sanctuary in places which more align with their traditional values, like Texas, Florida and North Carolina. These actions beg legitimate questions about the Union’s longer term economic, social and political future. Nothing is inevitable until it happens, but the United States seems to be heading for a point of no return.

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