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EXCLUSIVE: Greens Senator ignores China’s belligerence; calls for cancellation of cooperation with US military during corona crisis

27 May 2020

5:42 PM

27 May 2020

5:42 PM

As China denigrates Australia in official state media, slaps restrictions on our exports, refuses to respond to Trade Minister Simon Birmingham, uses coronavirus as cover for a brutal clampdown on pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong and threatens military action against Taiwan, a high-profile Greens Senator has called for an end to military cooperation with the United States while the COVID crisis continues.

In a series of Tweets, Greens Party peace and disarmament spokesman Jordon Steele-John expressed concern that the United States Marine Rotational Force will be going ahead in Darwin in early June.

“The Northern Territory has worked hard to ensure that COVID-19 is contained, including strict border controls and placing restrictions on movement into remote communities,” he said. “So far, these measures have been extremely successful at keeping Territorians safe.

“Conversely, the United States has more than 1.2 million active cases of COVID-19 and President Trump’s handling of the crisis has been nothing short of a disaster.

“There have also been serious COVID-19 outbreaks on the USS Kidd, USS Theodore and many others,” he continued, accusing American armed forces of “a decision … to clamp down on publicising the number of cases there are amongst deployed forces due to security concerns.”

Steele-John had nothing to say about continued Chinese belligerence.

He also appears to have failed to realise that, if applied consistently, his stance would also dictate it’s essential to keep asylum seekers in mandatory offshore detention to prevent any coronavirus threat.

Smart lad, that one.

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