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Believing ‘all women’ is a right-wing trap?

25 May 2020

6:56 PM

25 May 2020

6:56 PM

In a New York Times article last week, leading left-wing thinker Susan Faludi declared that the hashtag #BelieveWomen does not mean we should believe all women.  

According to Faludi, the idea that “women” means “all women” is an artificial conflation of the word “women” and it has been thrust upon it by those nasty right-wing neocons. It is a trap! The neocons knew that one day there would be a woman who lied about sexual assault, so they started the hashtag #BelieveAllWomen in order to diminish the entire #BelieveWomen movement, which shot to prominence during the confirmation hearings for US Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh. According to Faludi this misdirection was a clever but insidious move by Republicans. 

Her thesis, boiled down, is that “all women lie about sexual assault but “women” do not, so we should just believe “women” but clearly not believe “all women”. While this may not be clear to some, it is clear evidence of why Ms Farudi is being touted as one of the great “thinkers” of our time. 

This is concerning news for lawmakers, judges and law enforcement personnel around the world and particularly in Australia and in the People’s Republic of Victoria, where there has been a rash of high profile cases in which a woman has been believed without question 

In one particularly newsworthy case in New South Wales that reached its climax 10 days ago, a woman was believed, and a man prosecuted, without any real evidence and despite clear video evidence showing the woman was lying. Following 10 days of trial in a NSW District Court the case was thrown out when District Court Judge Mark Williams issued a rare Prasad Direction. He was particularly scathing of the complete absence of any basic investigation by the police and prosecutors as it was clear neither had reviewed the evidence they had in their own brief. The defendant, also enraged, commenced a $1 million damages claim against police and prosecutors. This case was settled just days before going to a hearing in the Supreme Court. 

However, in her article, Ms Faludi does clarify that these lies apparently only occur when the perpetrator of the sexual assault holds right-wing views. This clarification will go a long way to calming panicked apparatchiks around the globe and is fully consistent with the left’s own position on Julian Assange and explains their dramatic inconsistency in relation to US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the various cases involving US President Donald Trump 

Ms Faludi’s enlightened view will also help people confused by other high-profile cases including Geoffrey Rush and even the prosecution of Cardinal Pell. 

However, not all are happy about her article. There have been condemnations from both the left and the right. Right-wing commentators are clearly concerned about the level of spying and surveillance that is being undertaken by police around the globe. “There is simply no other explanation as to how the police and prosecutors knew the defendant (in the NSW fake-rape case) was one of our right-wing operatives. How else did they know to believe the woman?” commented one right-wing source. 

Other leaders on the left are concerned that Ms Faludi has leaked sensitive and secret left-wing ideology and thinking. “It is like casting our pearls before swine” one source from the People’s Republic of Victoria is quoted as saying. 

Chairman Daniel Andrews of the PRV did not return calls, but a source suggested he is most concerned and added they were committed to commencing a comprehensive review of the republic’s legal system. A review that would rival, for thoroughness, the one performed recently’, immediately following their drubbing in the High Court over their handling of the Pell case. 

However, some are concerned that if only “all women” lie and we must believe only “women”, does this mean we must believe “all lies” or just “lies”. Or is it, “lies from all women” or “all lies from all women” or “lies from all women” or just “lies from women”? We suggest we refer the important questions like these to one of the greatest thinkers of the time, Ms Susan Faludi. 

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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