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Adam Bandt loves Frozen? But what about the climate emergency?

9 February 2020

3:21 PM

9 February 2020

3:21 PM

Yes, folks. It’s true. Adam Bandt loves Frozen. Or Frozen II, to be precise.

The Greens leader has done what his minders must feel is a folksy, not wokesy, “Hi, I’m Adam” video in an effort to show all those doctors’ wives that despite having a PhD in Marxist theories of industrial relations which talks about “the divine violence of the general strike” that he tried to suppress before copies leaked to half the Canberra Gallery, despite having complained “the parliamentary road to socialism is non-existent” and describing the party he now leads as “bourgeois” in a two-page memo before continuing “communists can’t fetishise alternative political parties, but should always make some kind of materially based assessment about the effectiveness of any given strategy come election time”, that he’s not the Watermelon King but as sweetly innocent as one of the Flowerpot Men.

You can watch the full thing below, but we advise viewing on an empty stomach.

And what leapt out? Well, first there was the Frozen line:

Favourite movie? Um. The movie that’s in my head at the moment is Frozen II, having just taken the kids to go and see that.

Ok, so forces of nature feature in Frozen II — and in true Green style, a dam is destroyed — but how can Bandt be so blasé about the threat of catastrophic climate change to Elsa the Snow Queen’s extraordinary gift; the power to create ice and snow, and the impact runaway temperatures might have on the people of Arendelle, let alone Olaf the snowman? Is all his talk on the subject just piss and wind?

Then there’s his coffee preference:

Long black, with a bit of hot milk on the side. Um, so, sorry to disappoint, but it’s not a soy latte. You can pretend it’s a soy latte if you want.

No, wanker. It’s wankier than a soy latte.

There’s much, much more in there — much, much more that makes him look like a complete nong. Not wokesy. Not folksy. Just a fanatic freak failing dismally at an ill-advised attempt to pretend he’s something that he isn’t. Normal — and with the best interests of ordinary Australians at heart.

So go ahead and enjoy the lot. It’s only five minutes longe. But as we said, on an empty stomach.

Illustration: The Greens/YouTube.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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