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Are the Greens endangering children with climate rally rabbles?

16 September 2019

3:03 PM

16 September 2019

3:03 PM

The cat is out of the bag. Yes, so the Children’s Crusade, the kiddies climate rally or whatever you want to call it is on this Friday.

There just appears to be one problem.

Despite the best efforts of GetUp!, schoolteachers and their union, the AEU – “Literacy and numeracy are tools of the oppressor” – the kids must not be turning out.

How do we know this?

Easy. The Greens have launched an email barrage to all the professional activists, extremists, communists, anarchists, malcontents and other oddballs on their mailing lists, begging them to come along too. Emails like this, from Greens parliamentarian Samantha Ratnam:


Did you get the email from Oscar last week?

He and thousands of school-strikers across Australia will be rallying together on Friday 20th September in the name of climate action, and they’re asking for our support – will you strike with us?

This is the first global climate action strike since the Morrison election, and it’s expected to have the biggest turn out yet, but we need you there to make this happen.

Young people are our future, and by standing behind them we offer the best chance for our collective cry to be heard. Climate action should have started yesterday, but together we can help build traction and make climate action the number one priority for government, businesses and communities alike.

Read on below for Oscar’s message and to RSVP to the nearest school strike to you.

With gratitude,




I’m Oscar. I’m sixteen. I’m scared about the state of our climate, but I’m fired up. And I need your help.

In March, you may remember how many thousands of our young people across Australia walked out of school to demand climate action from our government.

We were so grateful to have the support of so many of you behind us, marching together to communicate the urgency of this global climate crisis to the world.

In less than a month – on September 20 – millions of people across the globe will once again be walking out of their schools, workplaces, and homes to demand climate action. This time, we are coming together with our biggest numbers yet. Will you join us again?

Together, we have been building a massive groundswell of students and activists calling on our leaders to make climate action a priority.

NAME will you join us for our next Global Climate Strike on September 20?

The more people that join us, the more power this movement will have. Right now, the Amazon – the lungs of our planet – is burning at a record rate, razed to the ground thanks to corporate greed, and climate change is adding fuel to the *literal* fire.

We need to get louder, and make sure our voices are not only heard, but truly acknowledged by our leaders in charge. There’s a collective feeling that this strike might be the game changer. It’s time for real, transformative action.

NAME will you join the strike September 20?

Climate change is an environmental, economic and social justice issue that impacts every far-reaching corner of the world – not one of us is immune to the repercussions.

NAME there is no time for delay on action. We need our leaders to hear this message, loud and clear. Climate action begins with us.

We hope to see you at the strike on September 20. Together, we can make this global day of action huge!

Fight for climate action, fight for our future.

With gratitude,


Melbourne Student Climate Activist

Which leads to a very important point.

Any children’s protest is already going to be toolie city.

We can but hope all the freaks who now turn up in response to Greens’ request have valid working with children cards or would pass the test. We can but hope none show the propensity for violence or lawbreaking on show on almost a weekly basis at protest rallies designed to paralyse the CBDs of Brisbane and Melbourne.

Or are the Greens happy to endanger children?

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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