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Transgender adventure in Dan Andrewstan? Careful, you just might find it

14 November 2019

5:00 AM

14 November 2019

5:00 AM

“Transgender people should be given hormonal treatment and sex-reassignment surgery on demand without a diagnosis or assessment by a psychiatrist, according to a trans adviser to Victoria’s Andrews government,” The Australian reported yesterday.

In the postmodern world of choose your own transgender adventure, one would hope the medical profession would draw a line between fads and facts.  However, evidence would prove you wrong.

In a famous psychology paper titled ‘On Being Sane in Insane Places’, published in the Science journal in 1973, Stanford University Psychologist David Rosenhan proved just how wrong.

As part of the experiment, eight patients with no history of mental illness were instructed to enter mental hospitals and claim they’d had auditory hallucinations.  All were admitted with diagnoses of schizophrenia or manic depression.  After their admission, they were told to act normally, tell the truth, and let staff know all hallucinations had ceased.  Nurses reported that the patients were basically normal, happy, friendly and exhibited no signs of ill mental health; yet none of the hospital’s psychiatric staff cottoned on to what was happening.

Diagnostic Belief Bias: the power of the subconscious to interpret the data in line with our preconceived beliefs, had led these medical professionals to give and support false diagnoses.  The participants were released after nearly a three-week stay with diagnoses of schizophrenia in remission.  Apparently the only ones in the hospital who knew these patients weren’t ill, besides the nurses, were the other patients.

The experiment was then reversed when Rosenhan contacted a mental health clinic which had stated they’d never fall for such a trick.  Rosenhan told the clinic he would send in one or more pseudo-patients over the next three months and they were to record which ones they thought were fake.  Of 193 admissions, 41 were reported fake, with another 42 reported as suspect.  No pseudo-patients were ever sent.

If medical professionals can fall victim to such belief biases, how much more the media?  How often is racism, sexism and all manner of ‘phobias’ exposed by our state-funded media outlets where it never existed?  Our tax-funded media outlets consistently back LGBTQI-invented transgender dogma as a truism, and defend it against anyone concerned about the dangers of medical trans-diagnosis, and the subsequent (mis)treatment of children suffering the very serious condition of gender-dysphoria.

Rosenhan’s experiment showed the effect of the Diagnostic Belief Bias on doctors looking for genuine medical conditions.  Yet what happens when you mix Diagnostic Belief Bias with pseudo-science?  Much harm.

The Repressed Memories fad, as promoted by the 1988 book The Courage to Heal, created an epidemic of what’s now known as ‘False Memory Syndrome’.  This fad saw innocent people incarcerated.

Not to be outdone in the pseudo-science stupidity awards; ‘Facilitated Communication’ also led to false arrests.  And oh how quickly we’ve forgotten the history of Eugenics and its passionate politically progressive supporters.

The current mix of trans-ideology pseudo-science, Diagnostic Belief Bias and the logical fallacy of ‘appealing to (medical) authority’; resulting in body parts being cut off and sewn on, and the drugging of those in desperate need of real help, shows just how careful we should be when looking for something: you just might find it … even if it doesn’t exist.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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