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The GULAG cause is so worthy no criticism can be tolerated

4 May 2019

12:31 PM

4 May 2019

12:31 PM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

The selfless activism of the Left has always been admired by CBD.  Commitment to cause is to be applauded.

This selfless activism was again on full display just the other day.

As we’ve known for the last thirty years plus the world and humanity has only got another ten years. The UN has been sternly warning us since 1989 we’ve only got ten years to stop the tipping point being reached.

Against the backdrop of such a dire emergency we have the GULAG developing policies to see the world saved from Australia through BS’s climate change policy. There can be no higher calling. Therefore how on earth can you put a price on BS policies?

The cost of inaction in 1989 was human disaster in ten years time. The cost remains the same thirty years later… we face disaster in a decade, or less. Consistency of message is a virtue and to keep it for thirty years must be saluted.

Dr Brian Fisher’ analysis of the cost of BS’s policy was treacherous. It could have potentially been devastating for the cause. It said it would come at the cost of money and economic activity. At plenty of both. Trying to fight his deep analysis with robust arguments would just give him credibility. He doesn’t deserve it. Dr Fisher has been in this area all his life and has advised both Labor and Liberal governments. Never once have we observed him on the street corner with a placard or crying. In brief, he no credibility whatsoever. And then to write what he did was simply vile.  To think the policy will cost jobs and our standard of living. That it will slow the economy. Really.

Such saboteurs are best dealt with by a display of eggselence. That one activist was willing to sacrifice from his own pocket and buy a carton of eggs to egg Dr Fisher’s residence is inspirational. How else can one guarantee a robust discussion? Not only was money sacrificed in the purchase of the eggs, but the champion then fostered civilised debate by propelling the eggs toward the Fisher residence. Prompting the good doctor to opine he may no longer provide such insightful reports to the public debate. Round one to GULAG

Such clarity of thought, such wonderful tactics, which showed Dr Fisher could not match the skill set, needed to counter argue. Makes you proud to be part of GULAG.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

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