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Jim Molan’s second surge?

5 May 2019

6:28 PM

5 May 2019

6:28 PM

In front of over 300 enthusiastic supporters at Balgowlah RSL today, New South Wales Senator Jim Molan made the case for uranium as Australia’s best and most rational source of reliable and affordable energy, while acknowledging current politics stand in the way of policies that would easily enable that.

As he campaigned for his re-election, Molan urged his supporters to stand up for what is right, including essential freedoms of speech and religion.

The program for the forum was devoted to three broad topics, each followed by questions from the crowd. Molan started with border, population and activist interests, drawing enthusiastic applause for his stand in favour of secure borders and managed migration. His well-publicised success managing the asylum boat turn backs for the Abbott government resonated with the audience.

The second topic also drew on his deep well of experience: addressing Australia’s strategic issues. He is adamant that Australia needs to be better prepared to defend itself, but praised the ADF as being the best it’s ever been.

Molan sent respectful and diplomatic missives towards those factional interests in the Liberal party machine who have a history of manipulating preselections, and was optimistic that progress to democratise the internal process will succeed.

Molan is fighting for at least 150,000 votes – I’d like 500,000”, is his line – and hoping his ballot position – fourth of the six Liberal candidates thanks to factional deals – will not ruin his chances.

Taking four Senate seats would be a major upset, but after managing the first surge in Iraq Molan hopes to generate a surge here of his own next week.

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