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How to be a man? Be a boy first

15 January 2019

4:17 PM

15 January 2019

4:17 PM

Imagine for a moment that you have been given a special power. I don’t mean one of those super powers that cartoon characters get from a spider bite or by being exposed to radioactivity while working in a laboratory at night. And I don’t mean the ability to fly that some people dream they have – only to find out the truth when they wake and jump off a balcony.

Imagine that you are given a real power, a power to determine a living being. The power is little like an alchemist’s power of turning lead into gold. But it is more like the power that Poppa Geppetto had of fashioning a piece of inanimate wood into a puppet that suddenly was alive. That was the power behind the story of Pinocchio and it is not as far-fetched as you might think.

Suppose you are a man – not a woman or a tran or a subjective gender you might find fronting Your ABC or wearing a hand-knitted rainbow cardie at a Greens gathering – a real, objective, man with all the necessary virtues; moderate and temperate habits and the courage to protect your own from the PC fascists. You will hope to marry and start a family with a woman who possesses similar virtues, although in different proportions.

So why Pinocchio? In a real sense, every man has the power of Geppetto, the power to make a real living being.

The woman will contribute her own genetic material to the mix. It comes in only one form and is referred to as Y (which relates to all the questions she will ask). However, the man’s genetic material comes in two bundles, one, the X that will, in combination with the woman’s Y, result in a boy, which is referred to as XY (he will answer, ‘I don’t know’); and a different bundle, a Y, that will in combination with the woman’s Y, result in a girl which is referred to as YY (or, what do you mean ‘You don’t know?’).

The beings that we see around us, the real people are either men or women. They are all human beings, but like all species in the mammalian world, human beings come as one of two separate beings, boys or girls. The cause of a child being a boy or a girl, that is, the cause of their being is the father’s genetic material and only his. The woman’s might be necessary, but the male’s is both necessary and sufficient. His genetic material completes a sequence that will gestate in the woman, taking material from her that is fashioned into either a boy or a girl.

That, I think, is the story Poppa Geppetto who took inanimate material and fashioned it into Pinocchio. No matter what they look like, all children are like Pinocchio who did not become a little boy until character-forming education taught him some of the virtues, but he could never real man until he had learnt the rest.

If that is what the lunatics ladies on the left mean by the patriarchy, they should thank their lucky stars because they owe their whole being to his affection, no matter how short-lived, to their mother. They should be thankful that he didn’t wear a condom, didn’t send his wife to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane for and abortion and regrets introducing you to the woke people on the left. And if he is a real man, he doesn’t regret helping you to become the person you are, no matter what you may think.

In this woke day and age it is worth noting how dogmatically resistant the LWLWs – the left wing lunatic women, remember – are to learning any virtues from their father.

After all, didn’t they read Machiavelli?

David Long is a retired solicitor, economist and PhD candidate at Griffith University, School of Law.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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