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29 November 2018

4:12 PM

29 November 2018

4:12 PM

I have read that Pope Francis believes that climate change is such a big danger to the planet that it could turn the earth into a pile of rubble. Just to put his Holiness’s concerns into a context, global warming is the biggest danger: not the deaths of about 40 millions of babies worldwide to legalised domestic violence by women against their children, or even the possibility that Iran will develop and detonate an atomic weapon to bring about the much Shia-desired end of the world, or that China will become more powerful than the US and take us all over; not even MAGA Donald Trump’s response to the immigrant caravan which so outraged Your ABC that its US correspondence interviewed a Democrat.

No, the end of the inhabitable world will come about as the result of carbon-based electricity generation and motor transport and the economic growth they make possible (not here in Australia, unfortunately), the growth that gives people jobs and incomes and even houses for all the new migrants when they arrive. Now I don’t want to necessarily disagree with Pope Francis about anything, after all, he is the Pope, but I do think his prediction that the world will be a pile of rubble is a bit far-fetched. In fact, it sounds a bit like something Al Gore would say just before he announced that he was making another end-of-the-world movie, or that he was running for President in 2020, before the end-of-the-world.

And it’s not only me. A very articulate US journalist called John Nolte thought he might have heard about the end-of-the-world on numerous occasions before and he made a list of the end-of-the-world forecasts and by whom they were made and I’m sure you will remember a few yourselves. This is the list of doomsday forecasts that Nolte remembers.

  1. We would be living through a new Ice Age by the year 2000.
  2. We would all die when the ozone layer disappeared.
  3. The oceans would be dead.
  4. Global Cooling would destroy the world.
  5. Acid rain would destroy our forests.
  6. Overpopulation would result in worldwide famine.
  7. We would deplete our natural resources.
  8. We would run out of oil.
  9. The polar ice caps would melt.

So, feel free to copy this list and add some of your own to the space where it says ‘Comments’ on the Facebook page. And be sensible. I don’t want to see any comments about Daniel Andrews, Bill Shorten, Julia Banks Keryn Philps, Peter Dutton or Their ABC.

Well, maybe comments about Their ABC are ok (but not about Leigh – cue music, Faith Hill, This Kiss – Sales).

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