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The Bosphorus option

29 October 2018

12:09 PM

29 October 2018

12:09 PM

Failed leaders or pretenders to the throne in the old Ottoman Empire received no mercy.

Having failed the test to seize power, they were doomed to be strangled (the Ottoman code mandated that no blood be shed) and dropped silently into the deepest part of the Bosphorus

The Bosphorus Option or its Antipodean equivalent must surely have crossed the mind of many current political leaders at home and overseas.

Just a few examples come to immediate mind. Boris Johnson for Theresa May. For Liberals, perhaps it’s John Hewson, a regular pop up on ABC’s The Drum, the Liberal leader who failed to work out the cost plus GST on an iced cake, thereby losing the ‘unlosable’ election.

Kevin Rudd, with another door stopper memoir that excoriates his former Cabinet colleagues and the one you’ve been thinking, Malcolm Turnbull, and include Turnbull Jnr, whose unwarranted advice to Wentworth voters was an act of political bastardry fully deserving the strangler’s noose.

The difference between past leaders who stay around to mentor, guide and where necessary, step in to intervene, (think John Howard, who, characteristically, heroically, stepped in to assist Dave Sharma in Wentworth, after Turnbull petulantly refused to even sign a letter in favour of Sharma) those who determinedly, despite the brickbats, set out doggedly on another course.

Think Mark Latham, whose columns are first reads for many Spectator fans and OK, include Kevin Rudd, his books will no doubt inspire many an earnest PhD candidate in years to come and yes, Tony Abbott, starting on the new road of indigenous education and those that hang around desperately hoping to be remembered (John Hewson again?) is the gritty ability to get up and move on.

So what will Malcolm Blight (sorry, that was meant to be ‘Bligh’) Turnbull do, after his stint gladhanding Indonesian leader Jokowi Widoko in Bali?

For someone as opportunistic and driven as our former PM, the Bosphorus Option may be a welcome relief.

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