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The victimhood Olympics

30 September 2018

1:26 PM

30 September 2018

1:26 PM

When you don’t have real stories; when your “journalists” aren’t experienced or credible enough to get real stories — or when your “journalists” aren’t really journalists, but “content producers” — run victim stories.

All you need is some sad sack (it helps get clicks if they’re easy on the eye) and a semi-credible tale of woe — or woke.

We thought this effort from The Age on Thursday couldn’t be beaten:

But no. It’s sister paper, The Sun-Herald, pipped it at the post today with not just one but an entire tragedy of victims; victims of — the horror — reality TV:

Imagine just how ghastly it must be… You’re a dribbling fool and you willingly consent to humiliate yourself on television in exchange for a large amount of money and publicity — and they make you look like an idiot.

Oh, the inhumanity!

Line up to be awarded your victimhood credentials.

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