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How soon our media forgot last week’s outrage

23 August 2018

7:52 AM

23 August 2018

7:52 AM

While we wait to see just who will be prime minister at the end of today (or if we’re heading to the polls), let’s take a moment to revisit last week’s outrage and scandal. What? You don’t remember! You know. The one involving Bob Katter, Fraser Anning and racism. The shouts of horror were the loudest thing heard since the eruption of Krakatoa.

What’s happened since then on that front, you ask? Well, after Anning got more coverage than a croc attack – about the best part week after, to be precise (we are talking about Katter folks here), the geniuses who run the KAP suddenly discovered they had a possible marketing tool.

Yep, they ran a membership campaign that well and truly proved that KAP MPs are worthy of their hire. But no one seemed to notice they were exploiting an alleged racist scandal.

Last week, you couldn’t avoid it. This week, zilch.

There are two takeouts from this. Firstly, our media, our agenda setters, the gatekeepers of the Gallery in Canberra and so on, have the memories of goldfish. They swing like a weathervane.

And yet the very same people have been moralising all week about parties turning over leaders. People with attention spans of toddlers given the remote control.

Secondly, they didn’t really think last week’s racist outrage was an outrage. It was just an easy story, a cheap shot.

No wonder we’re in a mess.

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