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Immigration? Once again, SHY hasn’t a clue

28 August 2017

2:20 PM

28 August 2017

2:20 PM

Remember when Sarah Hanson-Young was stripped of her immigration portfolio last August?  

Here is the reason why.  

SHY appears to believe that immigration policy and procedures should be based upon bleeding hearts.  

Commentators are saying Sarah Hanson Young and Pauline Hanson went “head to head” this morning in a discussion about deporting foreign-born criminals. They are wrong; you cannot be head to head if you are clearly on a totally different level to your opponent.  

Who can seriously relate to SHY’s feel-pinions and feel-policies?  

Has she totally shied away reality? 

Like the majority of rational Australians, Hanson welcomed news of this morning’s crackdown on foreign-born criminals. The unprecedented move has seen 2847 criminals deported from Australia for crimes including murder and drug trafficking.  

“We don’t have to take responsibility for this,” Hanson told Sunrise. “I think people need to take responsibility for their own actions and I’m sick and tired of people being in this country who should not be here committing crimes, costing the taxpayer thousands if not millions of dollars and our jails are overflowing.”  

Sounds like a no brainer, doesn’t it? Oh, wait… Enter SHY, stage extreme left.  

SHY accused Hanson of running a fear campaign against all immigrants. “Pauline, I know you want to run a fear campaign about people who come here – the thing is there are different groups of people and there are different circumstances, you can’t paint everybody with the same brush,” she said. 

She doesn’t even make sense; we are talking about deporting foreign-born criminals.  

Surely even a Greens Senator knows you have to pick your moment, and this is not it? Why on earth would you attempt to defend criminal’s rights as part of your shaky immigration discussion?  

Hanson replied, “This is not a fear campaign, these are criminals.”  

Of course she’s right.  

True to form SHY, who was lacking any legitimate argument, attempted to hurl some raging emotion onto the burning bonfire. The pair discussed news that asylum-seekers brought to Australian from Nauru and Manus Island for medical treatment will have their welfare entitlements cut and be sent back.  

Most Aussies were, at this point, reeling that we’re paying their welfare “entitlements” in the first place. Yet, SHY implored Hanson to consider the “hardest part” of this discussion; the 50 children who are sent back to detention centres at taxpayer’s expense.  

Hanson is right, these children belong with their parents and maintain the nationality of their parents, they don’t automatically get Aussie passports. “I’ve got too many people who are homeless in this country who are on drugs, who are destitute, they are my first responsibility,” she said.  

The only way that SHY could have been pleased with how that debate went is if she wanted to secure Hanson more votes.  

Illustration: YouTube.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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