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Abbott birther barminess booms

19 July 2017

8:07 PM

19 July 2017

8:07 PM

Oh boy. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy… We’re not in Kansas anymore, people.

You remember that Abbott birther barminess we discussed last night — the insistence, despite all the evidence to the contrary, Tony Abbott was not entitled to sit in the Commonwealth parliament as (just like a certain J Gillard) he was born in Pommyland?

Well, even though the former PM has comprehensively debunked it as a load of cobblers, it’s just got barmier.

Abbott birtherism seems to have had its roots in the conspiracy theory website Independent Australia (no, I’m not going to link to it), a site so loopy it’s where you go when you get the arse from Crikey.

On a loopiness scale of one to 10 it’s a Spinal Tap amplifier with added Margo Kingston.

Now, we all know Abbott Derangement Syndrome is, as unemployed Western Australian man Scott Ludlum might put it, “a thing” — but Abbott birtherism is to ADS what Ebola is to a summer cold.

It’s beyond loopy — but that doesn’t stop the Fairfax meeja and ABC types from kicking it around.

And it was on the Facebook page of one of the latter that the following has appeared this evening:

And Lyndon LaRouche was absolutely right too. Lyndon LaRouche and David Icke.

Only the drug-smuggling, fluoride-fan lizard people that masquerade as the House of Windsor could pull something this big off.

Abbott Derangement Syndrome, people, is metastasizing.

We are absolutely not in Kansas anymore.

We’re right off the freakin’ planet.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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