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The war on St Pauls is a war on the West

12 June 2017

9:16 AM

12 June 2017

9:16 AM

In a move that will surprise no one, the leftist media has once more targeted, cornered, and attacked an elite institution of the West. The most recent punching-bag is St Pauls College; home to some of the most adept young scholars in the country.

In March, a student posted an unacceptable comment on a College Facebook page, which received ninety-eight idle ‘Reactions’. The comment likened having intercourse with fat women to harpooning a whale, and offered assistance in the form of distraction if a girl won’t leave the dorm “after a root”. The post was removed, the student duly reprimanded with a temporary suspension and a formal warning that further behaviour of that kind would lead to expulsion. Game, set, and match.

However, the public sphere has (of course) exploded with allegations this sexist Facebook post denotes a cultural misogyny permeating the halls of St Pauls. The media has spewed forth article after article; trawling through ancient history as left wing journalists desperately search for not only evidence the College is breeding rapists-in-waiting, but that it perpetuates a culture of violence against its own students.

Left-wing culture warriors are still salivating over a 2009 “pro-rape” Facebook page they linked to the College, conveniently ignoring it was the unpleasant product of an oafish soccer club that happened to contain some St Pauls students (who were not college residents at the time).

So, does St Pauls have a unique problem with misogyny? Is there incontestable evidence the College is a hotbed of sexual predators, moulded in a furnace in the image of their forefathers? Do they have a “deep contempt for women”, as university Vice Chancellor Michael Spence – who appears to have no issues with his academic staff kissing the feet of Bashar al-Assad or threatening elderly women because they happen to be Jewish – so charitably put it?

According to a recent study into safety on campus, the answer is an emphatic ‘no’.

In September 2015, a survey of University of Sydney students entitled Creating a Safer Community for All: Sexual Harassment and Assault on Campus was conducted. It found three quarters of incidents of stalking, sexual harassment, sexual assault, or rape reported by respondents happened, in fact, off campus. It also found of the remaining twenty-five percent of incidents, there was, “no significance in difference in rates for location of any type of behaviour, thus all figures will be reported for the University campus generally”.

In other words, students are no more likely to be sexually harassed at St Pauls College than anywhere else at the University of Sydney, including on the main campus. Not only that; the survey indicated those at a heightened risk of unwanted sexual behaviour were LGBTQ students. Not, as the media would have us believe, female damsels in distress, dragged into college dorm rooms by drunken frat boys. Also, the highest proportion of incidents fell in the “stalking” category, rather than sexual harassment or assault.

If this is the case, why the media pile-on of St Pauls? Why the insistence that a single-digit number of high profile incidents of misogyny over a forty-year period indicate some sort of abstract, collective ‘rape culture’? And why the clamouring that all Paulines, current and ex, should be tarred with the same brush? It boils down to the entrenched envy and loathing the modern left has of anything ‘elite’.

St Pauls College is one of the last remaining bastions of Western cultural masculinity. And no, I don’t mean the ‘toxic’ kind the feminist press keeps bleating about. I mean the single-minded male drive to learn and to excel in order to protect and to provide.

The College is the embodiment of individualism, personal autonomy, hard work, trial and error, incentive, competition, and the constant battle to reach and exceed humanity’s greatest potential.

It has produced some of Australia’s finest lawyers, politicians (the name ‘Gough Whitlam’ springs to mind), judges, doctors, surgeons, actors, and Olympians. Not to mention wonderful husbands, fathers, and friends.

As such, St Pauls College represents the antithesis of modern leftism. It is the direct opposite of the flagrant mediocrity the left wing media seeks to propagate. And let’s not forget, it’s an all-boys college. The easiest of targets in today’s politically correct climate.

Bringing St Paul’s College to its knees would be an existential victory for the left. Even if they have to do it the lazy way; relying on sporadic scandal to brand the College with the near-fatal label of ‘misogyny’, all the while gleefully skewering Paulines past and present with the same accusation.

It is profoundly disturbing how willing the leftist media is to lump every St Pauls boy into the same woman-hating category, but will howl from the rooftops that self-proclaimed Islamic terrorists don’t represent Islam. Regardless of the bloodied bodies left in the wake of Manchester, London, Paris, and all the rest. Their agenda is as flimsy as it is transparent.

St Pauls will survive. While the Facebook post in question was sexist and in truly terrible taste, nobody died. And with the general public’s trust in the mainstream media at a rather low level, will any reasonable person actually buy this most recent branding of St Pauls? Probably not.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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