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The battle for Manchester

26 May 2017

12:37 PM

26 May 2017

12:37 PM

In times of great tragedy, when the minds of the masses unite in stunned grief, warped voices become incredibly clear. Their pitch is awkward, shrill and telling.

As the world fell silent, lost for words and drenched in unimaginable sadness after the terrorist attack in Manchester, the discordant warped voices howled.

Why is anyone trying to ‘claim’ Manchester?

ISIS ‘claimed’ the attack. It was an attack on freedom by a human with an agenda.

It is unfathomable that at such a moment, the warped voices would attempt to spin the tragedy like a floundering politician at the end of a campaign trail. Shocking.

I read: “Why it matters that the Manchester attack targeted girls.”

I read: “This act of terror was clearly targeted at young fans of a popular female singer – and most of those fans are girls.”

I read: “The Manchester bomber was scared of young women and girls. He was right to be.”

I read: “The Manchester bombing was an attack on gay men embracing their queerness and women celebrating their freedom.”

Please stop.

Please stop trying to hijack and spin a tragedy to further your agenda.

Please stop trying to ‘claim’ Manchester.

It’s shameful.

The attack was on all of us – and all lives matter. Leave gender, sexuality and your exhausting narrative out of this moment, this discussion.

None of us should accept terrorism; please can we at least be united in that?

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