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Another domestic violence program fails? No!

29 May 2017

12:06 PM

29 May 2017

12:06 PM

How much longer do lazy politicians and greedy feminist lobby groups think they can keep the lid on the boiling issue of actually tackling domestic violence?

Please note: we are not fooled.

Also note: we want change. Now.


This week, it has emerged that the Safer Pathways program in NSW has not actually succeeded in reducing rates of serious domestic assaults.

The program was first piloted in Orange and Waverley in 2014. It’s since been rolled out across other regions of NSW.

It’s chewed through $53 million over four years.

The Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research has evaluated the success of the program. Findings? Not excellent.

BOSCAR director Dr DonWeatherburn said “it remained unclear if the initiative had been a success,” reports the ABC. He added that program may need some “fine tuning”.

Fine tuning?

Is that another way of saying ripping up and starting again with some a realistic strategy based on honesty?

Domestic violence is not a gender issue.

This is not a feminist fight.

Approaching it as a gender issue ensures we will not make any progress.

It ensures the public lose faith in the government, who are continually throwing millions of dollars in the wrong direction.

Of course, domestic violence should be on everyone’s radar.

Of course, we all want to see rates fall.

First, feminists must open their hands and let go of the funding they are so desperately clutching.

Stop fighting.

You are costing lives.

Domestic Violence NSW chief executive officer Moo Baulch said, “It’s a matter of waiting to see what works best and tweaking it as we go. The key to all of this will be that women are being referred to services that meet their needs. At the end of the day, you can have all of the well-funded systems under the sun. But if women are not able to get safe, long-term housing, if their kids are having problems in schools, if they’re not able to access long-term counselling, if they’re not able to access the sorts of things that they really need in order to make their lives safer down the track, then this is not where we should be putting all of our resources.”


So, you’re admitting that funding is being misused?

You’re saying “well-funded systems” aren’t actually achieving results?

You’re putting your hands in the air and saying, ‘let’s look at how we can tackle domestic violence more effectively than pretending this has anything to do with the ludicrous feminist construct of ‘toxic masculinity’?”

No, of course you’re not saying that.

Neither will anyone in the government.

No wonder minor parties are growing in their appeal and popularity. There’s not a shred of honesty among them.

In April, Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm was the only person to challenge the “Let’s Stop it at the Start” campaign at the Senate Estimates hearing. Department of Social Services managers Tracey Bell and Dr Roslyn Baxter told the hearing that $420,000 had been spent on research. Yet, neither could provide any evidence to justify the statement, “there is a clear link between violence towards women and attitudes of disrespect and gender inequality.”


Because there is no evidence – beyond the transparent, squawking feminist agenda seeking gender supremacy.

To the contrary, Professor Peter Miller, Professor of Violence Prevention and Addiction Studies at Deakin University has said, “Our societal approach is fundamentally flawed. There is no scientific truth to a gendered approach whatsoever. The real key is psychological predisposition around people with aggression: the ‘Dark Triad’. The aggressive psychological profiles are narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism. These are found in people of both sexes.”

Dear government: open your ears.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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