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ISIS’ new ally: the media

17 November 2016

2:48 PM

17 November 2016

2:48 PM

Protestors Rally Outside Republican National Convention In ClevelandBOSTON, UNITED STATES — Further to our point about the left-wing media provoking anti-conservative violence, The Daily Mail reports:

A top ISIS commander has branded Donald Trump ‘a complete maniac’ whose hatred towards Muslims will aid their cause.

Abu Omar Khorasani, who heads up the terror group in Afghanistan, said Trump’s shock election victory would be used to recruit disaffected youths in the West.

Jihadists plan to use Trump as a propaganda tool to rally thousands of new fighters and inspire terror attacks across the world.

A top ISIS commander has branded Donald Trump ‘a complete maniac’ whose hatred towards Muslims will help aid their cause.

‘This guy is a complete maniac,’ Khorasani told Reuters.

‘His utter hate towards Muslims will make our job much easier because we can recruit thousands.’

Personally, I’m thrilled to have a president (-elect) who terrorists consider insane. I want my Commander-in-Chief to be so far removed from their sick, twisted worldview that they can only attribute the gulf to mental illness. In fact, that should be our new method for vetting potential heads of government. Unless these child-raping, Christian-crucifying, gay-defenestrating, suicide-bombing rumpswabs think you’re a kook, you don’t get the job.

But there’s a more serious point to be made. Start at the beginning: even from these dickheads’ point of view, Khorasani’s statement doesn’t make sense. It’s not as though Isis has a liberal immigration policy. They don’t welcome religiously-diverse peoples into their country. They don’t even tolerate their fellow Sunnis.

No: Khorasani’s aping the alarmist Western media to support their anti-Trump narrative. He’s playing them like a fiddle. You can already hear the editors at the SMH clucking, ‘Man, if even ISIS thinks this guy’s nuts…’ That’s their goal. The mainstream media already established that Trump is literally Hitler. Now we just sit back and wait for the HuffPo article titled, ‘That’s It: Donald Trump is Literally Worse than Isis’. (At least Noam Chomsky would back them up.) Or maybe it’ll be a BuzzFeed listicle: ‘Seven Times Isis Literally DESTROYED Donald Trump’.

Meanwhile, as the Left gets up their own arses because the Islamic State – those eminently reliable benchmarks of psychological wellbeing – validates their anti-Trump slurs, young Muslims suddenly see an alarming continuity. When such bitter antagonists as the Western media and the Islamic State agree that Trump is an Islamophobic neo-Nazi, they’ll assume there are some grounds for such a claim outside sheer propaganda. They’ll seriously start to believe that the Trump Administration is a threat to them and their co-religionists. And then eager new recruits start pouring into Syria.

The problem, of course, is that it is just propaganda. Trump’s said repeatedly that he’s going to intensify vetting for immigrants from countries compromised by terrorism, not ban Muslims outright. But that doesn’t matter to the MSM. They’ll pay any price to land a cheap shot on the President-Elect, even if it means further endangering our lives and our civilisation.

Please, good people! When you realise that the media is openly shilling for Isis, don’t think too badly of all journalists. I promise you, plenty of us feel as much seething contempt for these traitors as you do. #NotAllJournos, anyone?


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