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High life

Here’s why not to go to the Hamptons

New York The summertime exodus is upon us. The Hamptons are overflowing with mouth-frothing groupies looking for celebrities, and the…

Low life

Donald Hankey: a remarkable – and neglected – English voice

Last year the BBC radio drama department received 3,797 scripts from hopeful authors, of which just 33 were recommended to…

Real life

It’s war in my neighbourhood – and this time it’s gloves off

After sanding floorboards for two days I became even more demented than usual. The hand sander was the exact right…



I’ve just come back from Ostend, where I spent four perfect days. No, not sun, sea and sand — eight…


Viktor the Terrible

Viktor Korchnoi is the subject of a poignant new book from the distinguished pen of the Dutch grandmaster and former Soviet…

Chess puzzle

no. 510

Black to play. This position is from Korchnoi–-Karpov, World Championship game 17, Baguio 1978. Can you spot Karpov’s dramatic finish?…


A sonnet on it

In Competition No. 3052 you were invited to supply a sonnet inspired by a well-known contemporary figure’s characteristic feature. There…


2363: Case ending

Four of the unclued entries make up a ten-word Shakespearean quotation, including an apostrophe. The other three (two of two…

Crossword solution

to 2360: Diplomatic

THE AMBASSADORS (1D) by HANS HOLBEIN (15 16) includes, as a MEMENTO MORI (17 27), an ANAMORPHIC (11) depiction of…

No sacred cows

Paying women for housework? Here’s a feminist proposal I actually like

According to a new study published by some feminist academics at the Australian National University, women risk damaging their health…

Spectator sport

As our World Cup hopes grow, let’s not fret about the brilliant Belgians

Here’s a question: name some famous Belgians. Well there’s Kevin De Bruyne, Vincent Kompany, and Eden Hazard. And if that’s…

Dear Mary

Dear Mary: What is the correct form when you find someone hiding from you in a cupboard?

Q. Is there a tactful way to ask people with whom you’ve been interacting on an almost daily basis over…


A Soho House restaurant in Television Centre is as ghastly as it sounds: The Allis reviewed

The Allis is a restaurant inside the new Soho House at White City — it is called White City House…

Mind your language

When ‘activist’ used to mean ‘Nazi supporter’

Rudolf Eucken had a beard and a way of tucking the ends of his bow tie under his collar that…