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20 April 2024 Aus

Big bang fallout

No one escapes the Lehrmann/Higgins ‘omnishambles’ unscathed

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Aussie Life

Kiwi life

Softly, softly, catchee monkey – the alphabet community’s grab for our children Somewhat naively, a New Zealand commentator thinks there’s…

Aussie Life


The University of Chicago has what it calls a ‘Parrhesia Program for Public Discourse’ – aimed at teaching students to…

More from life

How Linzer torte stood the test of time

Linzer torte has quite the claim to fame: some assert that it’s the oldest cake in the world; others that…


‘Five stars, no notes’: Arlington reviewed

Arlington is named for the 1st Earl of Arlington and his street behind the Ritz Hotel. It used to be…

No life

My (surprisingly) decent proposal

‘Like being chained to a lunatic.’ That’s how a man feels in relation to his libido. And the lunatic latches…

Spectator sport

Manchester City are surely unstoppable

Well it was fun while it lasted, the closest three-way race for the Premier League in history, a title challenge…

Real life

Lefties don’t know anything about farming

The artists and hippies are re-wilding their land, which is to say doing nothing at all to it and watching…

Mind your language

Amol Rajan is right to change his ways on ‘aitch’

My husband thought it brave and manly of the BBC’s Amol Rajan to resolve publicly to change his pronunciation of…

No sacred cows

Even Orwell’s Thought Police didn’t go as far as Trudeau

You’d assume the reaction to the SNP’s new hate crime laws would make other authoritarian governments hesitate before introducing similar…

The turf

The magic of Aintree

However hard some people try to make it a business, jump racing remains a sport and the Grand National its…

Dear Mary

Dear Mary: How do I choose who to sponsor for the London Marathon?

Q. For the past couple of years, many of my sons’ friends have been gamely running the London Marathon for…