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How dare you assume the gender of ancient skeletons!

Anarchist archaeologists re-write history in the name of gender politics.

25 July 2022

4:21 PM

25 July 2022

4:21 PM

I feel desperately sorry for the Babylon Bee. There is no room for satire in 2022 when you have Woke ideology galloping through civilisation, dusting it in LSD.

Don’t give skeletons a gender or categorise their race as this ‘contributes to white supremacy’, woke activists demand – or so went a recent headline in the Daily Mail.

Ancient skeletons have become a bit of a meme lately. They were a nifty way to stop the most extreme fringes of radical gender theory mid-rant when activists started branching out into ideological proofs relating to the existence of thousands of genders.

It was customary to point out that when archaeologists dig up a body, they can tell whether it was a man or a woman based on its bone structure. The implication being an acknowledgement of the long-accepted scientific fact – not theory – that sex and gender are immutable features impervious to the politics of ‘feeling’. After time weathers us away, gender is left written in the bones.

This is probably why archaeology has found itself in the ‘Woke’ firing line.

The assault on reality is two-pronged.

Not only do activists want to stop basic science categorising skeletons as ‘male’ and ‘female’ in case it upsets the self-identification of people who died thousands of years ago – any attempts to categorise their ‘race’ is being listed as a form of ‘white supremacy’.

Presumably this is because being able to identify the race of an ancient civilisation is ‘white supremacy’ – just like time keeping, mathematics, perfectionism, objectivity, individualism, the nuclear family, autonomy, rational linear thinking, emphasis on the scientific method, hard work being the key to success, work before play, Christianity, respecting authority, valuing property ownership, planning for the future, delayed gratification, English common law, competitive behaviour, valuing winners, decision making, the tradition of writing, avoiding conflict, and valuing politeness.

I’m not kidding.

Given that all these things are ‘racist’ and example of ‘white supremacy’, it’s not surprising that accurately recording the gender of an ancient person and their race so that our knowledge of the ancient world can be improved is highly offensive to ideological groups that prefer the science of fantasy. They have been busy re-writing history to support their worldview for decades.

That’s why statues get torn down. You cannot have evidence of former achievements laying around the city where a child might see it and question their indoctrination – I mean, education.

One of the organisations involved in the push for non-binary and gender-fluid skeletons is The Black Trowel Collective of America. These are anarchist archaeologists who are ‘committed to mutual aid and prefigurative action within archaeology’.

Their manifesto also lists them as ‘Archaeologists for trans liberation’.

Most archaeology focuses itself on carefully digging up, accurately recording, and analysing the past to understand it. This group has merged activism into the field, layering over their anarchist views to muddy history.

‘An anarchist archaeology insists on an archaeology that is committed to dismantling single hierarchical models of the past, and in that sense, its core incorporates tenets of a decolonised, indigenous, and feminist archaeology, contesting hegemonic narratives of the past. It is a theory explicitly about human relationships operating without recourse to coercive forms like authoritarianism, hierarchy, or exploitation of other humans. Some anarchists extend this argument further to non-human relationships with objects, other species, and the environment.’

In reality, the only thing they are meant to be ‘dismantling’ is the dirt around the corpses.

‘It is clear from archaeological, historical, and ethnographic accounts that human gender is highly variable and that human being have historically been comfortable with a range of genders beyond modern “masculine” and “feminine” binaries.’

You can read the full manifesto, but it is mostly garbled nonsense like this:

‘Contextualising a quotidian anarchy allows an interrogation of when different sources of power are in operation and when they are silent/silenced or unused. This is where an anarchist archaeology can build upon an existing strength of the discipline, as archaeologies of non-elites and of resistance movements are already prominent fields of knowledge. The interests of an anarchist archaeology lie in the building of coalitions and consensus, so contexts where we can find alignments with people in the field of archaeology and outside are critical to the development of the movement. The archaeology of everyday anarchy is also a good reminder of the ways we can integrate anarchist practices into our own present, with an eye towards the future. One does not have to self-identify as an anarchist to embrace and contribute to everyday anarchy. Simple, self-confessional acts in the classroom, test pit, and elsewhere provide myriad opportunities to deconstruct hierarchies of power that perpetuate harmful stereotypes in the past, present, and future.’

If we are not going to record the past properly, we might as well bury it until another generation of humans come along that understand basic biology – otherwise, all we are doing is destroying the historical record with modern ideological baggage that was not applicable to the era being studied.

Don’t worry, it’s probably coming to a school near you so your child can end up confused about history as well.

This isn’t science. It is politics with a trowel.

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