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Code red indeed

Limited time to save humanity from its bureaucrats

11 September 2021

9:00 AM

11 September 2021

9:00 AM

Whatever lessons are learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, one stands out. It is that our trust in those we contract to handle such emergencies has been betrayed.

That the World Health Organisation, the United Nations agency responsible for global health, was aware of human-to-human Covid transmission in China weeks before deciding to make the information public, is contemptible enough. But then to discover it complimented Beijing for its transparency, knowing the Chinese were concealing infections, declares it a global pariah.

In downplaying the seriousness of the virus, the WHO caught many public health officials off guard. Like New York’s Oxiris Barbot, who reassured citizens, that ‘The risk for New Yorkers of the coronavirus is low, and our preparedness as a city is very high’. Soon afterwards, New York’s hospitals were overwhelmed and makeshift morgues had to be erected.

We will never know how many of the world’s 4.6 million Covid deaths a conscientious world health organisation could have prevented.

With the pandemic declared, the world’s political leaders scrambled. Colluding with their health officials to protect vulnerable hospital systems, they used biased computer modelling to predict catastrophic Covid fatalities. These were employed to frighten the public into submission and to pave the way for dictatorial lockdowns.

Lack of transparency, confused messaging and uneven application feature in this collusion. To question the value of ‘zero-infection’ policies invites claims of ignorance or evil intent. And while official ineptitude and incompetence are covered up or tolerated, extortionate penalties await those who breach so-called ‘health orders’.

This pandemic has given an insight into how quickly today’s political egos can turn to dictatorship when confronted with a novel threat. All other considerations pale. Mental health impacts, domestic violence and the effect on the young of lost education and social development time are just collateral damage. Like the lives lost through delayed surgery and missed diagnoses. Massive financial costs are brushed aside. There’s no room for personal responsibility. Not even in wartime did Australians lose so much individual freedom.

But the tyranny isn’t over. As public trust in authority erodes, the upcoming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change conference in Glasgow will make fresh demands, coercing governments to extend the dictatorial regime of the pandemic, by imposing ‘personal carbon allowances’.

Political leaders will be warned they have only twelve years left to limit catastrophic global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Yet this time frame was given in Poland three years ago and calls into question the scientific basis of the earlier deadline. But then working documents are kept secret.

Demanding evidence is unproductive. The conference organisers are members of the same United Nations cohort who excused the WHO’s despicable behaviour. Their real interest is politics not science.

For nearly 40 years, the UN and its agencies have been the key drivers behind the global warming agenda. They have used it as a stalking horse to undermine the perceived hegemony of the United States and the capitalistic world.

The latest IPCC report was compiled by more than 200 scientists over the course of several years and approved during a recent virtual meeting by 195 governments. Consensus is the new gold standard in science. It offers a comfortable refuge for political and business leaders, and fresh opportunities for subsidies and tax breaks. For loyal academics there is career advancement, but dare to demonstrate global warming is not destroying the Great Barrier Reef and, you will be fired. Retribution is swift and brutal.

Conformity is critical and, having learnt from the pandemic, refined scare campaigns are being unveiled. Coercion is the weapon of choice.

To instil a sense of impending doom, unremitting pressure will be applied to editors and journalists to generate apocalyptic headlines. Child activists, Hollywood celebrities and even Prince Charles, will be enlisted.

In this wilfully blind world, it doesn’t matter that the top twenty-three global climate models which the consensus relies upon continue to be proven wrong by millions of weather balloons and the satellites which daily circle the Earth. Or that Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology cools the past and warms the present. Or that the IPCC and respected names like NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) exaggerate and promote unverified data. After all, it allows island nations to pocket billions of dollars for hypothetical sea level rises, even though 86 per cent of Indian-Pacific islands are stable or growing.

When it comes to signing up to the IPCC’s latest call to accelerate cuts to ‘greenhouse gases’, the Chinese are excused. Despite being the world’s second-largest economy, hosting the most billionaires, fielding the biggest standing army and, boasting a recent Mars landing, it pays China to retain its ‘developing’ status. In any case, with 43 new coal-fired power stations and 18 new blast furnaces underway, Beijing clearly rejects the IPCC’s  propaganda.

Still, China notwithstanding, the organisers of the up-coming Glasgow  COP26 climate conference have endorsed the UN’s ‘code red for humanity’ alert, and will pledge to ‘consign coal to history’. Nuclear energy is not on the agenda.

No doubt many ‘developed’ nations will accept the challenge of averting a climate catastrophe by further reducing their emissions to help offset China’s 27 per cent global share. They will do this, not based on science, but to please the bureaucratic consensus. And if the consensus is wrong and temperatures don’t warm as predicted, at least China will have reset the world political order and developed nations can take credit for an historic global redistribution of wealth. If rich nations become poorer they may find solace in poor Chinese becoming richer.

Wittingly or not, this is effectively what the world’s democracies signed up to in Paris. It is the extinction our civilisation is really facing. It’s not a fading pandemic or confected global warming which threatens us, but those we trust to protect our most precious asset – our personal freedoms. Once lost they are gone forever and we don’t have twelve years left to save them.

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