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The real victim of Kev's korona kraziness?

13 July 2021

5:22 PM

13 July 2021

5:22 PM

As the story of Kevin Rudd’s Pfizer pfuckwittery keeps rolling along, no one seems to have stopped to ask who it’s actually damaged.

The government has laughed it off. And for the punters, it’s just been another of those Krazy Kev moments they’ve come to expect.

But it’s stolen oxygen from the Labor Party’s attack. Most of all, just when he had the opportunity go in really go in hard over vaccination failures, it’s stolen oxygen from Anthony Albanese.

That’s the Anthony Albanese who teared up in February of 2012 when publicly tendered his resignation from the ministry ahead of Rudd’s humiliatingly disastrous leadership challenge; a resignation Julia Gillard dare not accept.

It’s also the Anthony Albanese who stood proudly alongside Rudd when, after the second coming, they were sworn in as prime minister and deputy prime minister just over eight years ago.

Albo was always a Rudd loyalist, but with Kevvie it’s all just about him.

Labor veterans of those years could never quite work out if Rudd was a socio or psychopath — or both.

That he was a narcissist was never in doubt.

And look how he’s rewarded his faithful follower and successor bar one, Albanese, and the Labor cause.

No one’s talking about them this week.

Instead there’s just plenty of Kevvie, Kevvie, Kev.

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