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How the left can’t let Trump die – while wishing death upon him

12 February 2021

4:08 PM

12 February 2021

4:08 PM

US media continues to be gripped by Trump derangement syndrome with Thursday’s New York Times breathlessly reporting a non-story about the non-President which was really just an excuse to rue the fact that Trump hadn’t died of Covid; a story lovingly republished by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

In an article that took four reporters to write, the former newspaper quoted “people familiar with his condition” saying Trump was “sicker than acknowledged with Covid-19”.

Two anonymous sources said Trump came perilously close to requiring a ventilator.

They might as well have said “gloriously close”.

You could almost hear the collective sighs from the four reporters as they madly scribbled in their notebooks “we were so close”, and asked again to be told just how near they were to being able to report Trump’s death, rather than his recovery.

Readers of the New York Times joined the reporters’ lament.

“Too bad COVID lost that one,” wrote one reader. 

“We were so close,” wrote another.

“If only …” wrote a third. 

We could go on, and on, but I think you’ve got the general idea.

Joe Biden’s call for “healing and unity” was clearly resonating with progressives as they united in their grief at Trump’s healing. 

Buried in the New York Time’s “if only this were an obituary” piece was this: “A person close to the former president denied that he had been seriously ill, echoing comments Mr. Trump himself made after he was sick.”

So Trump probably did not almost die after all. But the New York Times decided to go with “imagine if he had!”

Of course, Trump supporters will love the story since, if true, it simply proves that Trump really is a badass who was functioning at a level his haters never expected.

He looked death in the eye and stared it down. He is either Superman or kissed by God.

The wonderful irony is that even as the New York Times and their readers bemoan the fact that Trump did not die of Covid, they must keep him alive for the same reason that the Democrats were set on re-impeaching the already once-impeached former President.

They cannot let Trump die since without Trump the Left are left with nothing but “you know, the thing”, as Joe Biden famously put it.

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