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Recreating the 2010 hung parliament? That will have the voters flocking to you, Adam

20 October 2020

1:31 PM

20 October 2020

1:31 PM

Greens leader Adam Bandt – forgetting that the ACT is 2300 square km surrounded by reality – believes the party’s result in the territory’s election is a pointer to success across the rest of the country.

The Greens won five seats at the weekend and look set to form a coalition government with Labor. 

But the ACT result means nothing in terms of the rest of the country because, like the Greens, the ACT is so unlike the rest of the country. 

The Greens getting votes in the ACT is like the Pope getting votes at Sunday mass in the Vatican. Of course public servants vote for a party that promises to expand the public service.

If Bandt thinks the ACT — where woke bureaucrats with big salaries and secure jobs comprise a significant part of the population — offers any basis for comparison with the rest of Australia then he is even more delusional than his policies suggest.

And that he believes he can achieve similar results around the country is evidence that he has been smoking those crops the Greens are so desperate to legalise just a little too much.

Mr Bandt, clearly suffering delusions of grandeur, said at the weekend he now thinks the Greens can win three seats at the Queensland election and possibly hold the balance of power.

The last time the Greens ventured to Queensland, their founder Bob Brown and his convoy of anti-coal zealots failed to find a fruit loop fraternity eager to vote for watermelons.

They were instead chased away by working families who wanted to keep their jobs and who were sensible enough to realise the Greens’ environmental platform was just a sideshow to their main agenda of cultural revolution.

Someone might like to inform Adam Bandt that if he is looking north to Queensland for support, he should look even further north to the party’s natural home in Communist China.

But when you are away with the pixies and living an eco-friendly, LGBTQ+ life, free of all earthly concerns, reality has no bearing on anything.

It’s a state of mind that allowed the Greens’ leader to blame last summer’s bushfires on Prime Minister Scott Morrison because he “failed to get the climate emergency under control”.

And it’s a state of mind that prompted Mr Bandt to tell media at the weekend: “My aim is to turf out the Liberals and win the balance of power either solely or with other independents who care about climate action”.

The Greens’ leader dreams of recreating a 2010-style hung parliament? What a splendid idea, considering how well that worked out for the country!

When a government that can’t govern is your big idea for the future of the nation, it’s a wonder the Greens get even the 10% of votes that they’ve been stuck on for the past decade.

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