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Did Chairman Dan just blink?

5 October 2020

12:19 PM

5 October 2020

12:19 PM

Daniel Andrews has always been firm: the average new daily coronavirus case count — Victoria-wide — needs to drop below five before restrictions on Melbournians can be eased. There must also be fewer than five mystery cases (again statewide) per fortnight. The diktat is up there for all to see on the Health Department website.

The Chairman, in his benevolence, has indicated this relaxation could occur on October 19, yet a quick look at the case detail indicates it is impossible for Victoria to get under an average of five cases a day on a 14 day average over the next fortnight.

To get close, Victoria will need a maximum of four cases a day for each day for the next fortnight.

The Chairman and his apparatchiks say the numbers will decide the next step, but look at the randomness and range of the past 14 days. Mathematically, Melbournians could we waiting until Christmas to reach the magic number — or even longer.

Will the Andrews government back down?

This morning they may have blinked. Little Mexicans have started their final school term for the year today. They’re not in the classroom — they, their parents and teachers are suffering though the entirely inadequate alternative of remote learning — but final year students and primary schools were due to return to the classroom next Monday.

Now, out of the blue, it’s been announced that Year 7 students in metropolitan Melbourne will resume face-to-face learning from Monday, October 12. Students in Years 8 to 10 will return from Monday 26.

No justification has been given other than “the advice of the Victorian Chief Health Officer”. The formal announcement is absolutely silent, too, about how the return to school will work with the five kilometre travel zone restriction applying across metropolitan Melbourne.

It’s almost as if the government knows its current restrictions are a crock; ridiculous as well as ruinous. Almost.

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