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Move over Greta, there’s a real blight in town

20 March 2020

11:07 AM

20 March 2020

11:07 AM

Seems Greta and her merry band of worldwide climate change catastrophists are missing in action during coronavirus.

Perhaps they are working on a vaccine for one of the biggest threats to the human population in living memory? 

There are no bottoms being glued to bitumen from Extinction Rebellion either. 

No one chaining arms in metal tubes and halting a normal working day for the majority. 

I’m patiently waiting for an announcement from them. 

Their silence is deafening. Long may it live on. 

There again, the fact they haven’t railed against people flying — note flying — home to their countries as the whole world tries to contain their own borders to stop the spread of the deadly virus hasn’t been mentioned. 

But they are no doubt delighted that the grounding of aircraft around the world that has crippled the aviation industry is helping their climate change cause with cuts to carbon emissions in a way not previously imagined.

This is reality now. The world has changed and continues to change hourly in each country. By the time you have read down to here, there will have been countless positive coronavirus diagnoses or several deaths. 

In Australia, the deluge of information on how everyone and everything is being affected is overwhelming. 

Qantas has already stood down two-thirds of its workforce of around 20,000 staff until end of May. The company is in discussions with Woolworths about temporary job opportunities for affected staff. Virgin may be about to follow Ansett and Compass (remember them?). 

The bottom line is that people are scared. Really scared. 

Reality has hit hard because so many peoples’ jobs will simply disappear along with the thousands of businesses that sustain those jobs. 

There might be stimulus packages but no one in Australia under the age of 45 has ever lived through a recession in their adulthood. Nobody under 30 has known a recession in their lifetime.  You need to be nudging 50 to know what it means professionally. 

This is the age of entitlement where so many people think that buying a spelt, sourdough loaf of bread for $7 is the norm.  

But now, people in the supermarkets can’t even get the tasteless 80 cent loaf. But you know what? They want it. 

The fear of not being able to feed a family has led to panic buying and hoarding, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison rightly berating Australia and telling us to “stop it, because it is un-Australian.” 

I couldn’t agree more. Both the best and worst of human behaviour has been on display. 

Scuffling over toilet paper in Australian supermarket aisles has made sure we’ll never look at a dunny roll in the same way again!  

And if an announcement is made by Greta, I hope she is told to shut up and get back to realising how the world works. 

It’s all well and good for publicity stunts to snub the handshake of the European Union President David Sassoli who had promised the European Union would have ‘net zero emissions by 2050.” 

That wasn’t good enough for Greta. She saw it as a betrayal instead labelling it a ‘surrender’ because it failed to address the next decade. 

The pronouncements of companies planting thousands of trees to minimise their carbon footprint are now exposed for the baloney that they always were. Can you see the irony in all this? Unless coronavirus is brought under control, who’s going to even plant and water them? 

The world has now had its wakeup call and with deaths mounting by the hour, fear of climate change has been replaced with the fact that this is real life. 

Perhaps the one positive that is coming out of this ever-changing world crisis is that people are now realising the stupidity of the sycophantic climate change devotees following a ridiculous 17-year-old and her band of merry followers blindly reciting the climate change dogma. 

No one cares about climate change at the moment. 

Greta and this group have been knocked off the front page and rightly so. 

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a combined press release from Greta’s club, Extinction Rebellion and all those “socially responsible” companies around the world now saying they have found a cure for coronavirus. 

In matters of real life and death, whether you are carbon neutral simply doesn’t matter. Death from a pandemic is what really steals dreams – and life itself.  

Illustration: Wikimedia Commons.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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