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Bridget McKenzie’s gone, but the government’s copped a shotgun blast

2 February 2020

5:33 PM

2 February 2020

5:33 PM

Bridget McKenzie has walked the plank. Quite rightly, too — but far too late.

She should have saved a weakened Prime Minister weeks of pain and gone long ago. She should have done the honourable thing.

This has been no left media witchhunt. The media, quite rightly, were unsparing in their pursuit of Ros Kelly a quarter of a century ago.

Instead, it has been a simple question of values. If the Coalition was true to the values it upheld when forcing Kelly to jump back in the nineties, then McKenzie should have been gone when the scope of this scandal became clear.

By letting it linger, Scott Morrison created doubt. He further diminished his already damaged standing. He emboldened the political incontinents of Twitter, the political illiterates who think they represent the vox populi and given Labor a scalp at the very start of the parliamentary year.

What sort of fool waits a fortnight to cauterise a wound when help is immediately at hand? If the PM was afraid of pain, he has only created more for himself.

ScoMo is becoming SloMo — and hurting himself and his government more each day.

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