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‘Tis the season for Jihadi Joviality

3 December 2019

4:44 AM

3 December 2019

4:44 AM

Two people are dead. Three seriously injured remain in hospital 

‘Tis a timely reminder that the season for Jihadi Joviality is upon the Western World once more.  

Brave bystanders brought down a crazed Islamist convicted terrorist embarking on a murderous rampage in the centre of London last week. 

Once again, a 28-year old British born jihadi who was paroled from prison, having served time for terrorism offences, was wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet. 

The excuse factory is working overtime, looking for every which way they can couch the act in politically correct language so as not to offend the do-gooders who implore all of us that it wasn’t the murderer’s fault. 

Will they throw in the good old mental health defence? (which is an insult to all who do suffer from mental health) 

Or perhaps the trendy politically correct words like freedom fighter, inclusivity, diversity, gender fluidity, economically marginalised, reality-challenged, dysfunctional family will get a dust off. 

Instead, it really is time to face the fact that this man was a convicted terrorist. End of story. 

Like paedophiles who do not rehabilitate, well, neither do people like Usman Khan. 

The sooner we start calling it out for what it is, the better. 

Khan was part of a terror cell that had planned to blow up the London Stock Exchange, send letter bombs through the Royal Mail and carry out what is called a ‘Mumbai style’ terror attack on the Westminster Houses of Parliament. 

He was sentenced seven years ago and the judge said at the time that Khan and his co-accused would be too dangerous to be freed. 

Presumably, during the last seven years, the ‘#savethehomegrownjihadis or the #justiceforjihadis or some other ridiculous hashtag social media campaign was being devised. 

Of course, they knew what they were doing when they hatched their evil plots but miraculously amnesia strikes all those simply refuse to acknowledge that these people do not belong in a society which has welcomed them into it. 

You could not make this stuff up. 

Ironically, just before Khan’s attack, he had been attending a Cambridge University conference on prisoner rehabilitation where he was invited to talk about his time as a former prisoner. 

Instead, he wore a hoax suicide vest and threatened to blow up the venue before beginning his frenzied attack before he was shot dead by police. 

So, to all those who want the socalled Australian ISIS brides who chose to thumb their nose at Australia but now that it’s gone belly up suddenly want to come back and be welcomed with open arms, think twice. 

How magnanimous and selfless that they have deigned to make such a generous offer to all Australians that for being allowed to return home they will be placed under a strict control regime if allowed to return. 

Are we really that naïve? You see the thing is that this will be almost impossible to police in years to come. 

Cute kids grow up. A 10-year old now will be a 20 year old in less than a decade. 

The sins of the father are visited upon the children. No one wants to think of one of these children one day as adults avenging their father’s name strapped with two 20cm knives to their hands. 

But, there again, no one thought that Usman Khan after supposedly being rehabilitated during prison would pick up where he last left off either, now did they? 

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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