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Rebels with all the wrong causes

27 November 2019

11:33 AM

27 November 2019

11:33 AM

No one has been glueing themselves to the streets the last few days, but it doesn’t mean that the X-men and women haven’t been in the news lately. Take Roger:

Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, has said the Holocaust was “just another fuckery in human history”…

The “fact of the matter is, millions of people have been killed in vicious circumstances on a regular basis throughout history”, Hallam said. He cites, for example, the Belgians, who “went to the Congo in the late 19th century and decimated it”.

He notes that genocides have happened repeatedly over the past five centuries: “In fact, you might say it is like a regular event.”

Hallam is researching a PhD in effective radical campaigning: “He became interested in climate change in his when an organic farm he ran in Wales went bankrupt because of extreme weather conditions.”

You might have thought that the 2016 jet-setting holiday in Puerto Rico by another co-founder, Gail Bradbrook, has been the most embarrassing X-cess so far. But the green movement is full of mansion-owning, private jet-flying hypocrites, so Gail’s exotic, CO2-rich adventure barely rates a mention. Particularly since it was the trip that launched the movement:

The ‘neo-pagan’ said on a recent podcast that she decided to become an activist as a direct result of taking huge doses of two powerful psychedelic drugs.

Ms Bradbrook, who has two sons aged ten and 13, flew to Costa Rica a few years ago to take a dose of ibogaine, a hallucinogenic shrub growing in West Africa.

The mother, who has a PhD in molecular biophysics, also tried ayahuasca, a highly toxic, mind-bending potion made by Amazon jungle shamans.

She said the drugs ‘rewired’ her brain and gave her ‘the codes of social change’. Afterwards, she ended her marriage and began her activism in XR.

Within XR, she holds mystic ‘moon circles’ with female colleagues inside a tepee, at which they ingest another ‘natural’ drug, mugwort, used by ancient Celts.

Gail’s latest achievement is being charged with criminal damage worth £27,500 after smashing with a chisel and a hammer a bullet — but clearly not hippie — proof window at the Home Office building in Whitehall. She’s also not the only high flying XR celebrity:

Laura Reeves is also involved in the protest group after she was left feeling ‘deflated’ by ‘office activism’ having worked for NGOs including the United Nations.

The actress and artistic director… describes herself as a ‘vision holder’ for XR.

Miss Reeves, whose online show reel lists roles in commercials for River Island and Nikuma Jewellery, has previously lived in New York but is now based in London.

She flaunts photos of holidays in far flung destinations such as Peru and the Burning Man festival in Nevada on social media, despite the damage caused by air travel.

Another X-woman, albeit not a “vision holder”, is Tasmin Osmond, who happens to be the granddaughter of Dorset baronet Sir Thomas Lees and a graduate of Westminster School and Trinity College, Cambridge. Osmond’s special power is being snobby: “[she] was thrown out of anti-aviation group Plane Stupid after saying the green movement ‘brand’ was ‘unwashed, unshaven and up a tree’.” Which clearly did not stop her from joining an even crazier group of activists.

Almost as pedigreed is the movement’s spokesman, George Barda, “a post-graduate student at King’s College in London and the son of classical music and stage photographer Clive Barda… he is a director of XR parent company Compassionate Revolution and regularly appears on Russia Today, Russia’s controversial British TV channel.” Compassionate Revolution is a historical oxymoron, something that Russia Today would be able to confirm.

Gail’s ex-boyfriend, Simon Bramwell, is an ex-builder and a bushcraft instructor who says “hearing less birds in our beautiful countryside” led him to co-found XR. That’s “fewer” birds by the way. Simon is a serial arrestee in all kinds of environmental causes.

Stuart Basden, who “facilitate[s] the emergence of diversity, openness & complexity in our beautiful universe”, is indeed responsible for much openness about the Extinction Rebellion’s real agenda:

Yes, yes, I know. The climate is breaking down. It’s urgent. An emergency. We’ve only got a few years left to ‘fix’ it.

Indeed, we won’t fix it. Weather patterns will become increasingly unstable and unpredictable, and the effects it will soon have on how humans around the world grow food will be devastating, likely causing harvests to fail across entire continents and food prices to sky-rocket. Millions have already suffered due to the amplified instability. We’re facing imminent societal collapse (whatever that means), both around the world and in the UK. All of our lives are soon going to radically change.

Oh OK. So what’s all about then, Stuart?

I’m here to say that XR isn’t about the climate. You see, the climate’s breakdown is a symptom of a toxic system of that has infected the ways we relate to each other as humans and to all life. This was exacerbated when European ‘civilisation’ was spread around the globe through cruelty and violence (especially) over the last 600 years of colonialism, although the roots of the infections go much further back…

We need to cure the causes of the infection, not just alleviate the symptoms. To focus on the climate’s breakdown (the symptom) without focusing attention on these toxic delusions (the causes) is a form a denialism. Worse, it’s a racist and sexist form of denialism, that takes away from the necessary focus of the need for all of us to de-colonise our selves…

So Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the climate. It’s not even about ‘climate justice’, although that is also important. If we only talk about the climate, we’re missing the deeper problems plaguing our culture. And if we don’t excise the cause of the infection, we can never hope to heal from it. [emphasis in original]

Ah. Thank you. Most illuminating.

Estentiction Rebellion essentially exists to propagate an anti-Western, anti-white, woke communism. Or as the progenitor of XR, Rising Up!, proclaims: deconstruction of “the three pillars of democracy, the financial sector and the media” and “rapid change in wealth distribution and power structures”.

Rising Up! was created by Gail, Roger and Simon, but did not rise up as desired; it was in turn inspired by its founders’ participation in the Occupy movement. Rising Up! and XR are so far out there that they have in the past occupied Greenpeace headquarters and glued themselves to Jeremy Corbyn’s fence.

You might deeply care about cuddly polar bears or deadly bushfires, but for these people you’re just a useful pawn in a psychedelic game to dismantle the modernity and the Western civilisation. We are the infection – and when you think in those terms, hey, what’s another Holocaust or two for a good cause?

XR claim to champion peaceful direct action, but their maximalist agenda is impossible not only to achieve peacefully, but without loss of life. We’ve seen this all before.

Arthur Chrenkoff blogs at The Daily Chrenk, where this piece also appears.

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