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Ten reasons why climate catastrophists need to cool down

16 October 2019

5:00 AM

16 October 2019

5:00 AM

If we are to believe the hype, then human civilisation as we know it is on the brink of extinction. While there have been a few—such as Byron Sharp—who have changed their minds on the issue, most have doggedly stuck with the narrative of imminent climate catastrophism.

However, what follows are ten reasons why these apocalyptic claims of ecological devastation should be taken with a grain of salt.

1 Philosophical extremism. What has become clear is that many environmentalists are approaching the issue of climate change with the same fervour and irrationality as the religious zealots of a doomsday cult. In what must surely rival Cathy Newman’s infamous interview with Jordan Peterson, just take a look at the following interview conducted by Spec head honcho Andrew Neil with Zion Lights—yes, that is her real name—a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion.

2 The ‘pornification’ of political protest. Self-confessed “Amazon Feminist”, Camille Paglia, argues in her book Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson (Vintage, 1991) for the explicitly sexual and sensual paganism associated with the worship of Mother Nature. And as this (NSFW) Twitter video of a woman channelling her inner Pachamama—South American earth goddess—shows, Western Civilisation has reached a new all-time nadir.

3 The fluidity of scientific opinion. It wasn’t that long ago that the men in white coats—it was a time when gender was still binary and the patriarchy ruled supreme—was announcing the end of the world through global cooling. To add scientific weight, they were even voiced by Leonard Nimoy, the rational Mr Spock from Star Trek himself. And predictions of humanity’s annihilation have continued to be repeated regularly ever since.

4 Greta Thunberg’s scripted—and now infamous—address to the UN. Thunberg claims that being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome gives her a kind of ‘superpower’ which enables her to, amongst other things, to see carbon dioxide, which is an invisible gas.

Many, such as Julia Baird in The Sydney Morning Herald, argue that any objection to Thunberg’s climate hysteria was a product of a latent patriarchy. Although, someone clearly forgot to tell Gavin Ashenden, who posted this stunning rebuttal.

What’s more, for an excellent critique, see the following video by PragerU. But as for which children have had their childhood dreams taken from them through the use of fossil fuels I’ll leave it to you the reader to decide.

5 The Parliamentary Friends of Climate Action. Following on from the previous point, our very own Rowan Dean hilariously channelled his inner sixteen-year-old Swedish teenager to pour scorn political conservatives in the LNP who are being tempted to jump on the current ecological bandwagon:

6 Extinction Rebellion leaders. Maybe you’re utterly perplexed regarding the origin of the present ecological protests. If so, Jennifer Oriel’s excellent explanation in The Australian will quickly bring you up to speed:

If you are confused about Extinction Rebellion, fret not. The green dreamers take orders from a higher authority. It is hard for we mere earthlings to understand the transcendent thinking that comes from a direct line to the divine. By divine, I mean the universal consciousness of folk so fried by psychedelic drugs they’re convinced flower power reigns and we’re all going to die if carbon emissions aren’t net zero by 2025.

What’s more, the hypocrisy of leaders such as Gail Bradbrook has been quite simply stunning. According to The Sun, Bradbrook flew 11,000 miles to Central where:

She revealed that her holiday of self-discovery included taking hallucinogenic drugs that inspired her calling “to get with the spirit of the otter”.

7 Extinction Rebellion protesters (UK). Is there anything wackier than nature worshipping hippies dressed in strange-coloured clothes and performing esoteric dances? If you don’t know what I’m referring too then just take a look at the photos in this article by Peter Hitchens from The Daily Mail. But don’t just take his word for it, watch for yourself and be, um, amazed:

8 Extinction Rebellion protesters (Australia) Not to be outdone, environmental protestors ‘down under’ have also made fools of themselves by literally burying their heads in the sand. Even when they’re trying to make a political statement against the supposed ignorance of their opponents, climate catastrophists seem to consistently succeed in shooting themselves in the foot.

9 Town Hall loonies. According to Poe’s Law sometimes it’s difficult to know whether what people are saying is serious or in fact a parody. Take for instance this woman’s exhortation to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her upcoming campaign slogan to be that we ‘start eating babies’, brought to us by that tireless warrior for a just and wiser tomorrow, Titania McGrath:

Now, this was, in fact, a stunt by an activist group. But it is significant that no one on stage—included Ocasio-Cortez—rebutted her but treated her concerns with the utmost seriousness. Why? Well, as Brandon Morse explains:

The reason everyone believed this woman was real and that Poe’s Law came into effect here, is because Ocasio-Cortez is drenched in this brand of extremism and her solutions to the end-of-the-world scenario she’s painted for us are so off the map when it comes to realism that someone suggesting we start eating babies to stop the coming apocalypse doesn’t sound that far from her camp.

AOC may have seemed measured in her response to this woman, but rest assured there’s nothing measured about her “solutions,” and that’s why people bought it.

Remember, this is the woman who is promoting the idea that it’s all over in 12 years and that the only solution is to restructure the United States from the ground up with her Green New Deal. This includes high-speed rail spanning the length of America, an end to air travel and personal vehicles, knocking down everything that can’t be retrofitted with renewable energy tools, and lowering the cow population (one of our primary food sources) drastically.

If you look at the Green New Deal, restructuring the landscape aside, it also restructures our economy into a socialist one!

10 Seminary student confessing their sins to plants. From the bizarre to the blasphemous. (By the way, if you’re interested in understanding about conservative Christians really think about global warming then take a look at the following short video) But this other example has got to be one of the most depressing attempted at politically-correct ‘wokeness’ I have ever seen:

Now, none of these examples is a knockdown argument for the fallacy of climate alarmism. But taken together, they are a powerful warning against jumping on this particular bandwagon. For my hunch is that what will be extinct is not the earth, but people’s belief in a man-made ecological catastrophe.

Mark Powell is the Associate Pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Strathfield.

Illustrations: Twitter/Facebook/Supplied.

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