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Mueller, Pelosi, impeachment and Trump — and a real Downer

1 October 2019

4:57 PM

1 October 2019

4:57 PM

There was an article in the American press a few days ago in which the author explained that unity is strength and division is death. To prove his point, the author pointed to the unified attacks by all Democrat members of Congress against Monica Lewinsky, even to the extent of fabricating evidence against her and publishing hit pieces on Republicans who had affairs in order to undermine the impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton.

He compared the unity shown by all Democrat Congressional members when they began their attack on Nixon with the way Republicans splintered under the pressure and broke ranks, leaving Nixon to the mercy of the mainstream media.

We are witnessing the same charade with regard to President Trump. The Democrats began attacking Trump even before he was the Republican candidate and with the assistance of the Department of Justice, the FBI and CIA, able to set up a Soviet-style investigation of the President with 17 Democrat aligned lawyers on the Mueller enquiry. Despite his report showing neither collusion with the Russians nor obstruction of justice, the Democrat attacks continued and remain on song: President Trump is a criminal. There may not yet be any crime committed, but we will find one.

They remain united in voice, despite all the evidence to the contrary, despite all the evidence that it was the Democrats who colluded with the Russians and Ukrainians to obtain evidence against Trump, the Democrats, both in Congress and outside continue to assert that Hillary Clinton really did win the election and that citizen Trump stole it.

Even as we discover that four Democrat representatives contacted the Ukrainian President to insist that if Ukraine wanted to remain friends with the United States, it would have to provide dirt on Trump and that Attorney General Barr has been asked to investigate what role Ukraine played in the election, the Democrats are fighting back.

A phone call by Trump to the Ukrainian President asking him to investigate the circumstances in which Obama’s Vice President Biden applied pressure to have a prosecutor dismissed, galvanised Nancy Pelosi on 24 September to announce that President Trump would be investigated for  impeachment.

The prosecutor, it seems, was investigating a Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, at a time when Biden’s youngest son was employed with it on a salary of $80,000 a month. now assert that Trump colluded with the Ukraine  to win office. In the meantime, the Republicans have splintered with like Flake and Romney, who damn

Pelosi has been joined in this drug induced state by shifty Adam Schiff and Gerry Nadler who have commenced enquiries in their respective committees by subpoenaing various members of the President’s team.

Even from this distance and despite the best endeavours of Your ABC, National Public Radio, the Washington Post, New York Times – and, of course, CNN – and so on to prop up the absurd announcement by selective quoting of Democrat responses and plainly untruthful statements, the Democrat plan is like the pipe-dream of an opioid dependent journalist, hoping to be paid enough to buy another hit.

And then it hit me! It is another example of the Democrat United Front in action. It is an attempt to flood the mainstream media with as much anti-Trump propaganda as possible, so much, in fact, that it won’t be able to do more than just make passing reference to the Inspector General’s report into the origins of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation due in the next week or so.

That is the Report that will, hopefully, show how the Obama administration, Democrat members of Congress and Hillary Clinton determined to conduct a coup against a duly elected President of the United States with an enquiry into Russian collusion; that they manufactured the evidence in order to justify that enquiry; that the Deep State lied and cheated to start the enquiry; that they deliberately placed 17 Democrat supporting lawyers on the Robert Mueller enquiry to give their side the best chance of winning; and that the starting point for that enquiry was information provided by the Australian politician and diplomat, Alexander Downer who clandestinely met with a member of the Trump team in May 2016, the same man who organised Australia’s contribution of $US25 million to Bill Clinton’s private foundation.

Personally, I don’t think the impeachment will do anything other than confirm Trump’s re-election. But you can see how the Democrats operate and they are an unprincipled mob.

Nevertheless, one might ask why an Australian diplomat whose duty is to the Australian government if not the people was acting the agent provocateur for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in May 2016? Now that President Trump has asked Scott Morrison to make that enquiry, we might at last find out or at least, know whom to ask.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Downer was subpoenaed to give sworn evidence before the US Senate. At least that’s the way I’d do it if I was a US Senator. And if I was Scott Morrison (so help me, God, No!) I’d be asking Bill to refund the balance of the Australian donation, since he only spent ten million on the agreed project.

So let’s hope that Senators Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell are listening, hey?

David Long is a retired solicitor, economist and PhD candidate at Griffith University School of Law.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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