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John Setka and the Greens: a match made in heaven

21 June 2019

11:15 AM

21 June 2019

11:15 AM

The Greens, as a political brand of sorts, have made some remarkable headway towards establishing their spotless moral credentials over time. “Say what you like about other parties” their candidates would squeal. “We can’t be bought! We’re committed to ideals that transcend politics entirely!” However, in a turn of events that should surprise absolutely no-one, it seems as if Richard Di Natale is willing to make some moral exceptions to secure some of that sweet CFMMEU cash.

John Setka, as he is wont to do, has made threats to cease all donations to Labor in order to get what he wants – the right to stay in the Labor party. If Labor expels Setka, as they rightfully should, the CFMMEU might funnel all Labor money directly to The Greens. This is evidently a prospect so tantalising to Di Natale that he’s willing to consider accepting these donations, on the condition that “the values and aspirations of all donors are not inconsistent” with those of The Greens.

So what values are these? Making physical threats? Harassing women? Being a convicted criminal?

The Greens, by virtue of their consistently feeble election performances, have carved out an interesting niche whereby they sit on the political sidelines and sling mud in all directions, condemning all major parties on every moral and ethical stance under the Australian sun.

It’s strange to even contemplate the sheer magnitude of the hypocrisy and shamelessness that would cause the leader of a party purportedly committed to social justice and equality to even suggest that the CFMMEU might have values consistent with their own.

The deliberate spineless ambiguity of Di Natale’s comments speaks volumes about his priorities – these being to screech about violence against women until the exact moment a thug with a large enough bank balance dangles some coins in front of him.

The Greens should be ashamed of what they’re really doing – canvassing support from citizens who actually thought they were supporting a party with strong moral foundations, a party that promised to uphold the highest of values. This exercise in rank political opportunism represents Di Natale selling out all the staffers and volunteers who believed in taking an uncompromising stand against men in our country who treat women like dirt.

Anthony Albanese should be congratulated for making a decision that will sting but doesn’t compromise Labor in an ethical way. Di Natale is clearly concerned with far different priorities.

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