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Israel and Maria Folau: first the PC police come for you, then they come for your family

22 June 2019

11:32 AM

22 June 2019

11:32 AM

Now that Israel Folau has had his contract with Rugby Australia torn up, it seems that his wife Maria’s future with Netball South Australia as well as Netball Australia is also being called into question. Well, at least by certain journalistic activists in the media commentariat. For example, according to podcast producer, Eric George, in The Weekend Australian:

The Adelaide Thunderbirds have found themselves in a very tricky — if entirely predictable — quagmire after star Kiwi shooter Maria Folau joined her husband Israel in a public fundraising campaign as he fights his former employer Rugby Australia.

Honestly, this whole thing is beyond ridiculous. What is she supposed to do? Publicly denounce her husband? That’s positively Stalinist; like one of the great Moscow show trials. Cue the media spin doctors and their scripted statement through the mouth of Bronwyn Klei, chief executive of Netball South Australia, who told The Advertiser that:

We champion netball as a sport for anyone and everyone, from the players to umpires, spectators, clubs, and volunteers.

But then George goes on to inexplicably call for both Netball South Australian and Super Netball to step in so as to “assure fans its commitment to inclusion is sincere”. Seriously? Because that approach has worked soooo well for Rugby Australia, hasn’t it?!

‘Inclusion’ and ‘tolerance’ are admirable qualities, that is of course, unless you are of a particular religious faith that is the majority cultural belief of those living in the Pacific Islands. No inclusion for the likes of those bigots. Just note at the article in The Weekend Australian went on to describe the behaviour of Maria Folau to her fellow non-heterosexual teammates:

Collingwood star Ash Brazill recently told The Saturday Paper that Maria had supported her marriage to long-time partner Brooke Grieves in 2016.

Maria, apparently, has “always been lovely” to the couple, further muddying the picture.

It’s difficult, isn’t it, when dedicated followers of Jesus—such as Israel and Maria Folau—act in ways that are contrary to the leftist narrative that ‘inclusion’ and ‘tolerance’ has to mean not only agreement but also unqualified affirmation of those whom you disagree with? If only he had committed something less serious (such as dealing drugs or domestic violence perhaps), then he might have only gotten a few weeks’ suspension as opposed to a permanent life ban.

So, this is what we’re up against now. If they can’t get to you then they’ll come for your spouse and then the members of your family. Such is this glorious new age of ‘inclusion’ and in particular, ‘tolerance’.

Mark Powell is the Associate Pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Strathfield.

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