Flat White

Ground Control to Major Jane

10 June 2019

10:32 AM

10 June 2019

10:32 AM

She’s out of her mind.

She’s off the planet.

There’s nothing more ridiculous than when a Nor Shor leftie accepts a gong, particularly one as batty and scatty as Jane Caro.

What was she thinking?

Very few people in our public life come across as dishevelled Sloane Ranger mummies circa 1982 who’ve swallowed everything said by student Trots in the past twenty years (along with a cocktail of their favourite pills, too), but that doesn’t deserve a senior honor.

So we’re left with one niggling question. Given that she would have granted her approval for the award before the infamous “move to New Zealand” comments, did the leftie loudmouth only flag the shift because of instead of mere AOs and so, you still get Sirs and Dames there?

Did Crazy Jane say “yes” to an honour here in hope of upgrade across the ditch?

We deserve to be told.

Illustration: ABC Television screencapture.

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