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Free speech, kicking føcking faces in and why Labor can’t be trusted on freedom of religion

16 May 2019

3:49 PM

16 May 2019

3:49 PM

The Greens candidate for the south Sydney seat of Barton, Connor Parissis, has been exposed for hurling abuse at Christians giving out free food at the University of Sydney in 2017. Parissis, who has tweeted that he wants to use his “candidacy as a platform for progressive values”, showed the extent of his progressive values in his video: “Go wank yourself at home, you and your fucking Jesus picture. I wish I could kick your face in.”

Luckily, the majority of Australians – 75 per cent according to a survey for the Institute for Civil Society, support the protection of freedom of thought, conscience and belief through speech, practice and teaching. They do not wish to kick a face in, irrespective of whose face it is.

I think it is reasonably arguable that the 25 per cent who do not support these freedoms comprises all the Greens and many of the Parissis-style progressives in the Labor camp. That’s the rusted-on, hate-fuelled lefties.

The combination of the Parissis factor and this survey (not the only one to show public support for essential freedoms in our democracy) gives the government (any government) a clear indication of voter sentiment on the subject.

The natural inclination of the Left is to shut us up; the feeble track record of the Liberals on 18C indicates a spine transplant (importing) procedure is required there. Who will agitate for stronger protections in the new Parliament?

And in the final days of this election campaign, Bill Shorten proves the point that Labor can’t be trusted to protect freedom of religion or even speech, by poisoning the debate, dragging Scott Morrison’s faith into the election.

That goes to character. Or lack of it.

Illustration: Verum Media.

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