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When you see Bob Brown protesting, usual suspects, it’s Adani

24 April 2019

7:23 AM

24 April 2019

7:23 AM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

CBD admits the stench of naphthalene was overpowering. But when you’ve got no cut through you need help even it is in the form of Bob Brown.  The cause of protest calls unremittingly and must be heeded and so Greens leader Dr Dick Nut Ally must be humiliated. Collateral damage in a just cause – the cause to stop Adani. The red hot issue of Election 19.

This is the one issue which might propel BS’s alliance partner back into much needed relevance.

Without Adani the perpetually protesting Greens have nothing from which to gain traction. Yes, it’s a painful admission. Instinctively CBD’s fancy is tickled by the Greens. The self determined moral superiority. Economic irrationalism. Big spending. Big taxing. Big borrowing. Preaching inter generational responsibility to the young while bankrupting their future with deficits and debt. What is particularly appealing is their watermelon credentials – deep red on the inside with a green veneer on the outside. There really is a lot to like about the Greens yet inexplicably their support base is declining.

So the Adani protest convoy starting from the Deep South in Tasmania driving through collecting supporters on the way to ultimately get to the site was as inspiring a campaign technique as CBD can ever contemplate.

But yet again the hard right with some of their mates in the media want to ridicule this genuine virtue signalling exercise with pesky facts.

So what if the protest against a fossil fuel mine is being protested  by a convoy of fossil fuelled vehicles? And if you point out some of the vehicles are in fact electric those fact obsessive elements point out the coal fired energy being used to recharge the batteries.

Getting Bob Brown to lead the protest convoy is inspirational. Such a leader.  But even there the deniers will unhelpfully wallow in their facts and point out Bob Brown’s championing of coal fired power generation over renewable base load. They stoop so low as to circulate the front page story from The Mercury of October 20, 1981 which is headed “Coal fired power best option”.

When under pressure CBD supports saying whatever it takes. To quote back what is said under pressure is typical of the under hand tactics of the hard right.

So of course they found mirth in observing a fossil fuelled convoy, led by a champion of coal fired power over renewables is heading to Queensland to oppose a fossil fuel mine.

Obsessed as they are with facts some cry foul when the Greens helpfully and only for full disclosure  point out that the proponent of the mine is Indian. Dog whistling they insist and complain.

The most preposterous advocacy is the claim that Adani will lift millions of Indians in energy poverty, saving the environment through obviating the need to burn cow dung and vegetation for basic energy needs such as cooking. Isn’t that why we have a foreign aid budget?

If only CBD’s fellow Australians could see the light (solar of course) and concentrate – on the big picture. It’s quite simple. If we don’t sell our high quality coal renowned for its efficiency, lack of residue and so forth, then the planet will be saved. The fact other lesser quality coal will be bought which is less efficient and which costs more is not relevant when it comes to fatuous virtue signalling.

Campaigning against Adani is a tough gig for woke CBD’s needing to overcome economic, environment, and foreign aid budget arguments. While the facts may hinder the vibe is clearly with CBD and the Greens. Let’s hope the economic stimulus Bob Brown gave the State of Tasmania and the Gillard government can be replicated. It would take a genius to deliver recession three times.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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