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Another swamp that needs to be drained

15 June 2018

7:25 PM

15 June 2018

7:25 PM

Did you know that the Inspector General, the United States Justice Department’s watchdog for the FBI, released his report yesterday into that august body’s investigation of the Hillary Clinton private email scandal?


Well, you wouldn’t if you were visiting its news website this Friday morning; well not without a special search, say, for “Comey” which would find the reference to Comey buried down below more layers of virtual paper on the ABC site than a Peter Strzok email. Even if you managed to find that page, you still wouldn’t have the IG’s report or even the most important parts of it. And this Friday afternoon, almost 24 hours after its release, it still hasn’t hit the ABC front page. Obviously ABC editorial staff do not consider it necessary for Australians to know the extent of FBI political bias – might raise their concerns about a similar bias in Australian government institutions.

You might ask what did the left wing Hillary-supporting Your ABC have front and centre on its website. Well, there was an article about a lawsuit filed by the new, New York Attorney General in that State’s Supreme Court to wind up the Donald Trump Foundation for illegal activity; no particulars of the illegal activity and no mention that the AG was a Democrat in a Democrat state. No mention of Trump’s response, either.

Some might wonder, how the result of the IG investigation, which might have shown that the FBI was secretly trying to clear Crooked Hillary of illegal acts in relation to her emails, or which might show how the FBI was planning to use its investigative resources to prevent Trump from winning the Presidential election and from being President, could be of any knowledge value to Australians?

Well, without knowing for sure, maybe there is detail of a conversation between the two FBI love birds, Linda Page and Pete Strzok reported by the IG that goes somewhat like this:

Page: “[Trump’s] not going to become President, right? Right?”

Strzok: “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.”

It’s a possibility. How would the public know if it wasn’t reported? Unfortunately for Your ABC, it was reported by Breitbart to have taken place during the 2016 campaign when Strzok and Page were working on the Clinton email probe. Strzok, it seems, was the one who down-graded crooked Hillary’s conduct from “grossly negligent”, a criminal standard, to “extremely careless”. And, if the ABC doesn’t have the resources in the USA to check it personally, it was available on Google.

It would have been nice to hear all that on Your ABC dedicated news radio site. There was some mention on radio National but the only person tuned in was otherwise engaged. As for the rest of ABC, it seems they are currently engaged in preparing a promo for the 7.30 Report using the Macca kiss to boost sales (cue music, Faith Hill, “This Kiss”). I have been told by a source in the ABC who must remain anonymous because she wasn’t authorised to breathe, let alone, speak, that that cheek remains unwashed to this day.

One would normally feel sorry for Aunty; they live in their own La La Land, hoping for the miracle that will drop crooked Hillary in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue without the need to win an election – but the left really don’t deserve our sympathy. Just another swamp that needs to be drained.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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