Flat White

The Week Before Christmas

22 December 2017

3:02 PM

22 December 2017

3:02 PM

T’was the week before Christmas

And all through the House

No person was stirring, not even a mouse.

The files all secured, the phones on ‘transfer’

As the last pollies ran for a Commonwealth car.

The cleaners had come and the marble floors gleam

The tall Christmas tree is a fairy tale dream.

But no one’s around, to admire or surmise

But some tourists inquiring where Questacon lies.

Still, policemen on bicycles, coppers in cars

But the Parly Triangle’s as tranquil as Mars.

The good burghers of Canberra smile and go shopping

For this is the season when work is a-stopping.

But – further up north, on Sydney’s fair shore

The PM and spouse get acquainted once more.

And hopefully welcome this season of cheer

While bidding farewell to his godawful year.

Illustration: Parliament House.

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