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Looking for love in all the wrong places

28 October 2017

6:21 PM

28 October 2017

6:21 PM

Ze Koran, eet it not — ‘ow you say — a sexy book? Non! Non!

French acting legend Gerard Depardieu revealed he frequently turns to the Koran in search of “sensuality” in a book of reflections released on Thursday.

In “Monster”, a look back at more than half a century on the stage and screen, the larger-than-life actor deplores what he calls a “lack of desire” in modern society.

But he finds what he is looking for in the Islamic holy book.

“In the description of Allah’s paradise, there is a true vision of desire,” he writes.

But in a reference to Islamic extremists using the Koran to justify their attacks, he stresses: “This has nothing to do with the image of paradise that half-wits who have never read the Koran have, thinking they’ll be promised 72 virgins there.”

Actually, the half-wits have more than likely read the Koran, and their image of paradise is quite Koranically correct.

That aside, there is something very Gallic about the old fat French tax exile who doesn’t like France, lives in Russia and reads Koran for sensuality. Someone should make a movie about it.

Arthur Chrenkoff blogs at The Daily Chrenk where this piece also appears.

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