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When did the war on men blight all sides of politics? 

24 July 2017

12:50 PM

24 July 2017

12:50 PM

When did being a “mediocre white man” become a crime in Australia? When did it become the acceptable butt of jokes? And what Einstein decided the war on men was appropriate to saturate all sides of politics?

It’s disgraceful, degrading and most of with brains who have clocked it are entirely sick of it. Are all political parties seriously missing the voting opportunity in backing genuine equality that is pro-women without being anti-men?

Labor geniuses have decided that offensive bumper stickers are the way to fuel their course to success.

“Give me the confidence of a mediocre white man” one reads.

“Making history, keep fighting, proud to be a nasty woman” screeched another, making reference to Donald Trump’s comment about Hillary Clinton. Apparently we can’t create our own political strategy in Australia; we have to run off a carbon copy of the other side of the world. Because, that’s all going so brilliantly…

Never has the ‘us vs. them’ gender divide been as vile as it is today – and it’s bursting from all major parties. Make no mistake; Shorten is no better than Turnbull on this. You seriously want to talk about inequality Shorten? Have you looked in the mirror – which of the three words are you struggling to identify with?

Anna York is the Labor candidate for the Inner West Council’s Stanmore ward. The Daily Telegraph reports she gleefully announced she’s a committed feminist who was proud of the fundraiser where the stickers were sold.

“This was a feminist event about encouraging more women to get involved in politics – and particularly in local government where the representation of women is appallingly low.” York told the Tele. “One of the things we talked about on the night was how it’s especially difficult for young women, and women with caring responsibilities, to balance the work required to be elected to public office.”

Ms York, you can attempt to justify these obnoxious, sexist stickers all you please, your feeble explanation falls on utterly unimpressed ears.

Ms York, you are not only alienating “mediocre white men” with this hateful gender supremacist strategy, you are alienating women too. Women who, very probably, are married to, sleep next to and love “mediocre white men” in your own electorate.

Just whom are you trying to target in the next election? To date you have secured one vote — Larissa-Look-At-Me-Breastfeed-In-Parliament. Congrats.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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