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A pledge this International Men’s Day

19 November 2020

5:00 AM

19 November 2020

5:00 AM

Slithered between overbearing, relentless discussions about the Liberal party’s “women problem”, obsession with cancelling Pete Evans, and ongoing Trump Derangement Syndrome, politely and quietly sits International Men’s Day (IMD) on November 19 

This year’s theme is ‘Making a Difference for Men and Boys’ 

Do you know what would make a difference to men and boys? Ditching the rancid feminist narrative around “toxic masculinity”.  

Do you know what else would make a difference to men and boys? Striving for true equality. 

Not equality when it suits, or equality solely when it reaps rich financial fruits. 

Today, and throughout history, men have sacrificed themselves to protect women and children. 

Do you know what would make a difference to men and boys? Acknowledging that fact; thanking all men for their ongoing contribution rather than painting men as abusers and portraying little boys as toxic beings 

IMD is the perfect day to admit that we have tipped the scales too far; we’ve become an anti-male society and a nation merrily consuming an unhealthy diet of man hatred 

On average, men die six years younger than women, the majority of suicides are men, the majority of workplace deaths, the majority of heart disease deaths, and the majority of homeless are men.  

The list continues.

You may choose to fight over the fact that male privilege is a myth, attempt to insist that men get dealt a glitzier deal in life, or screech, ‘the future is female’…  

You may try.  

But you’d be wrong. 

Do you know what would make a difference to men and boys?  

Asking why we’ve become obsessed with telling them they should be more like women.  

It is possible to have conversations about manhood that don’t deride it. 

It’s possible to speak about masculinity without using the word ‘toxic’. 

And it would be delicious to be able to highlight men’s issues without being labelled a misogynist. 

Do you know what is not going to make a significant difference to men and boys?  

Harry Styles in a ball gown on the cover of Vogue magazine. 

Come on, on this IMD can we all take a pledge to honour masculinity in it’s purest, most beautiful, rawest form? 


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