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Sorry Matilda, I don’t need no trigger warning

16 March 2017

5:39 PM

16 March 2017

5:39 PM

New Matilda has just published a lovely little piece by Michael Brull spitting on the grave of Bill Leak, entitled

RIP Bill Leak… You Boring Racist Who Ran With The Pack And Upheld Every Murdoch Orthodoxy

I’ll save you the ins and outs of the article as the headline does it justice; overblown, unimaginative and nasty.

Quite apart from the virtue signalling the article reveals: I’m not boring and I don’t run with the pack (Monty Python We’re all Individuals sketch anyone?), the primary problem is the category error made in the statement prior to the article proper.

Here’s what is says:

Trigger warning: the following column contains offensive remarks about a racist asshole who recently died.

See it?  See the category error right there? “Trigger warning.”  Somehow those within the progressive, suffocating confines of the echo chamber known as New Matilda assume that conservatives need a trigger warning.

Somehow, since everyone on its staff along with anyone who writes for it is in dire need of a trigger warning when faced with an unpleasant counter argument or even, something as dreadful as the actual truth of a situation, the assumption is that we must need one too.  As if we can’t read the tosh written about Bill and do anything but rock in the corner afterwards.

I certainly wasn’t rocking in the corner. I was heading for the fridge for another cold Coopers Premium Light, which to be honest, tasted less pale and more anaemic than usual, though with a strangely bitter aftertaste.

Anyway, I digress.  The point is when you’re a conservative who has been through three years of a humanities degree in an Australian university; you don’t need no trigger warning.  If you were a snowflake going into that progressive hotbed you would have melted before handing in your first Cultural Studies 101 assignment.

There was no approving tut-tuts when I pushed back on the hard Left framework.  There were comments on my (albeit second rate) essays about keeping my faith out of it.  There was scorning rejection of anything like marriage as it was a licence to rape, a patriarchal institution, blah, blah, blah.  The aim of my lecturers was to completely deconstruct, raze to the ground, as much of the western narrative as they could.  And they did so gleefully with a gimlet eye.

They did me a favour, though they intended to do me none.  They toughened up this little princess as I dodged and weaved and counter struck.  They ensured that, after the dust had settled and I had graduated, I could hold my own not simply intellectually, but emotionally as well.  You don’t need a safe space to hide away in when the space already within you has enough psychological capacity to cope with what is thrown at it.

So Michael, save your trigger warnings for Bible Society videos.  Save your safe spaces for the times when a politician you don’t like gets elected. And most of all, save the second rate vitriol for those who not only have a penchant for reading it, but are emotionally and psychologically incapable of reading anything else.

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