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Presenting… The 2016 Nannies

7 December 2016

3:18 PM

7 December 2016

3:18 PM

Nanny's ParadeAnimal rights group People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was the winner of the 2016 Nanny State Awards, for its urging that Tasmania’s Eggs and Bacon Bay be renamed with a vegan alternative because of the foods’ alleged cholesterol risks.

The win was announced last night at an event held by The Centre for Independent Studies, which holds the awards to highlight each year’s worst examples of imposing regulations or promoting campaigns designed to prevent people exercising the right to think for themselves.

Second place in the Nannies went to Austroads, which represents state and federal government road and traffic agencies, for urging transport officials to research the development of technology to blank people’s phone screens when they cross a road.

There was a three-way tie for third place, shared between: WA’s liquor authority for deciding Aldi’s alcohol prices were too cheap; Port Phillip Council for demanding the closure of a bookshop in 90-year-old premises after a single complaint; and government backbenchers calling for a sugar tax.

A list of winners and the complete shortlist (culled from more than 30 contenders) follows.

The 2016 Nannies shortlist

First place

PETA wants vegan name for Huon Valley’s Eggs and Bacon Bay

Second place

Blank our phone screens when crossing the road

Equal third place

Aldi booze ‘too cheap to sell’

Single complaint from neighbour forces closure of one of St Kilda’s last bookshops

Backbench push for sugar tax

Honourable Mentions

Port Adelaide Council – cricket ball debate

Mobility scooters ‘need limits’

Junk food advertising in Canberra could be restricted to tackle childhood obesity

Call for empty homes tax to ease rental ‘crisis’.

‘Ban smoking for anyone born after 2001’: Cancer Council

Plain packaging call for toys

Police quiz restaurant over ‘antisocial’ wine by the glass

Study calls for government intervention in Australian baby formula market

Steven Schwartz is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies.


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