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Mike Baird: beyond satire

4 November 2016

11:37 AM

4 November 2016

11:37 AM

singleCandleOn September 29, after the South Australia’s electrical power collapsed, I wrote satirically of a fantasy New South Wales premier saying: “We cannot let South Australia take the mantle as the lowest energy, lowest footprint, lowest production state in the nation. They excelled over the past two days, give them that. But when it comes to making ordinary citizens pay the price for signalling our virtue, no-one can beat my government.”

Yesterday the NSW government announced — to much rejoicing among elements of the state Liberals –  the Draft Climate Change Fund Strategic Plan.

At best it is just a $500m sop to renewable energy and energy-saving initiatives.

Or as the ninnies of The Sydney Morning Herald put it:

By releasing a goal for NSW to be carbon neutral by mid-century, the state is falling into line with states such as South Australia.

Ah. There’s that role model again.

The Baird government is truly beyond satire.


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