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The two true deplorables

24 October 2016

1:08 PM

24 October 2016

1:08 PM

TOPSHOT-US-VOTE-DEBATEWe live in an age where everyone is told: follow your dreams. Let your passion guide you. But, most of us know better. We know that many of our dreams will never come true. We know that we will never become president or prime minister of our country. But, this presidential election should give hope to us all. You can become president or prime minister.

Many of us have had the experience of discovering that we are only middle of the pack, that we aren’t as talented as some other people. For me personally, at university I discovered that I wasn’t good enough at mathematics to excel in my chosen field of economics. I will probably never be awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics. I had been the top of my class in high school and had been in top 20 per cent of high school students in a national economics competition, but when compared with a wider field of competitors, I didn’t have enough talent in mathematics or econometrics to excel in the field.

I think these kinds of experiences are common. Many people give up on their dreams and accept a life mediocrity. For those of us who have given up, this election should be a ray of hope. This election proves America really is the land of opportunity. In previous elections, the average American may have thought that they didn’t have the oratory of Barack Obama, the genealogy of George W Bush or charisma of Bill Clinton.

In this election, the average voter can compare themselves with the candidates and think they could very well be a better candidate than those on offer. If you haven’t been recorded boasting about sexual assault, compromised national security or can name a foreign leader you may very well be a better candidate for President of the United States than the current candidates.

These candidates are the true deplorables of the election. Sadly, Americans have a choice between an unstable madman, a criminal who has compromised national security or a stoner who can’t name a single foreign leader. So when you watch the election coverage, don’t feel depressed. Let it remind you that dreams really do come true. You too can become president.

Justin Campbell is a writer at LibertyWorks

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