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Progressive or conservative? Αsk Deves

23 May 2022

4:30 AM

23 May 2022

4:30 AM

O me miserum; mea culpa! and other Latin phrases of a similar kind.

The worst federal government in many years has finally been defeated by a coalition of special interest groups and all those candidates that conservative thinkers hoped would win have been replaced by people who want to save the world at the expense of their own country.

Scott Morrison has resigned as Prime Minister. Despite his best endeavours, the party’s losses are worse than decimated. Although, it must be said that history will forget his time as Prime Minister. It lacked that particular quality many will be disappointed to discover is also lacked by Anthony Albanese – leadership – and it has been missing from our federal parliament for some time.

Josh Frydenberg, seen widely as Morrison’s heir apparent, has lost the seat of Kooyong to Monique Ryan, one of billionaire Simon Holmes à Court’s Climate 200 Teal independents.

Dave Sharma, the sitting Wentworth member, was defeated by an Eastern suburbs icon, Allegra Spender, the daughter of fashion designer, Carla Zampatti. Allegra’s knowledge of the clothing industry will be of immense benefit when the ALP bring back the clothing, footwear, and textiles industries…

Katherine Deves, who was personally chosen by Morrison as the candidate for Tony Abbott’s old seat of Warringah, was defeated by the eminently qualified Olympic snowboarder, Zali Steggall. It’s worth looking more closely at Deves’ performance, given the publicity she received for her opposition to men identifying as women while competing against biological women in sport.

This is a very popular Woke social sport in Sydney, although it is more appreciated in the Eastern suburbs than the more traditionally-minded West. Morrison’s decision to endorse Deves to contest Warringah drew heavy criticism from elected Liberal representatives at both state and federal levels who demanded she be dis-endorsed.

The state and federal Liberal administrations also took exception to her as a candidate by denying her necessary resources. Given Steggall’s wealthy supporters, Deves’ endorsement by Morrison had the appearance of a religious virtue signal to the Western suburb electorates where religious principles are important. If so, it was unsuccessful.

One event that throws some light on this election occurred in 2021 when Scott Morrison took his Religious Discrimination Bill to the party room where it was endorsed. When he took the Bill to the floor of Parliament, however, five Liberals including Trent Zimmerman, Fiona Martin, Katie Allen, Dave Sharma, and Bridget Archer crossed the floor to defeat the Bill. 

Four of those five, who were critical of Katherine Deves’ comments, are gone. They were beaten by candidates with better credentials, including Sharma who called Deves’ comments about trans athletes ‘reprehensible’. On the other hand, Bridget Archer, whose seat in Bass is described as ‘too close to call’, supported Deves’ right to voice her opinions.

Liberal frontbencher, Senator Simon Birmingham who often speaks with little knowledge, is reported as saying:

‘Gender, diversity, and Climate Change were clearly factors in the election result and it is “absolutely” time to start preselecting more women.’

He then added that the party had paid, ‘A high price for preselecting the divisive Katherine Deves in Warringah.’

He obviously didn’t notice that Deves was a woman; or perhaps he only wanted women preselected who think like him, like a man.

At this very moment, there will be some very serious hand-wringing going on in the Liberal Party. There will be an autopsy of the electoral result and the party room will then have a very serious question when choosing a leader to replace Morrison. There are only two choices and depending on that choice the Liberal Party will be either a conservative party of moderate principles, or a progressive one where expediency poses as virtue which we see increasingly in the American Democratic Party.

Because of that choice, it is worth reflecting further on Katherine Deves’ results in Warringah. About 40 per cent of the electorate voted for her, despite the barrage of criticism she received for supporting women and girls from both Liberal and ALP elected members, independents, left and right-wing media, not to mention the LGBTQ+ community support groups.

Despite that pile on, 40 per cent of her electorate considered what she said to be true and correct, they also thought it was more important than Climate Change, solar power, carbon sequestering, nuclear energy, free trade, free child care, LGBTQ+ issues, and many other policies that proportional representation and preferential voting elevated to the level of national catastrophic status.

The reason why those policies could be perceived as more popular than women and girls’ sports is because no one in the government was brave enough to treat the challenges they pose to civilised living seriously enough. No one bothered to spend time and energy explaining in detail to the Australian people why those issues were insignificant when compared to protecting the rights of women and girls.

That 40 per cent in Warringah is the real basis of a truly conservative party because it represents the families for whom family life is the foundational principle of a healthy democracy. If that base can be courted, policies that advantage it will disabuse the electorate of the frivolous that has lately taken possession of the public mind.

When the new leader emerges from the party room in the coming days, what they announce will tell you whether the Liberal Party has embraced destructive progressive theories that leave it another left-wing movement, or whether the Liberal Party has focused its attention on enhancing the welfare and character of Australian families.

If the new Liberal Party Leader has chosen the latter, they can again, in all honesty, call the Liberal Party conservative.

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