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Carbon fear is the new normal

30 May 2022

4:00 AM

30 May 2022

4:00 AM

The thing I find most frightening about the World Economic Forum is that they keep saying the quiet bits out loud.

How confident must they be in their ability to run the world that they don’t try to hide their ambition?

WEF boss Klaus Schwab told suits gathered in Davos last week: 

The future is not just happening, The future is built by us. By a powerful community of you in this room. We have the means to improve the state of the world.’

Humility is clearly not a trait of the elites.

Oh, and that’s not me calling them elites, that’s how they refer to themselves.

As Oxford professor of Global Economic Governance, Ngaire Woods, told a WEF gathering in November: 

The good news is the elite across the world trust each other more and more. So we can come together and design and do beautiful things together. The bad news is that, in every single country, the majority of people trusted their elites less.’

In other words:

We are the elite. Ordinary people don’t like us and so ordinary people are a problem…’

It was delivered casually, calmly, and without a crumb of circumspection.

And why should the self-appointed elite be circumspect about their abilities, or about their grand designs?

They are smart. They wear thousand-dollar suits. They run major corporations. They run governments. They own jets. Oh, and did I mention how smart they were?

They are so smart they are developing technology to track every person’s individual carbon footprint.

And they are so chock full of confidence after the success of Covid that they don’t mind telling us about it.

From the same unelected, unrepresentative technocrats who – without you ever asking for it – brought you ‘The Great Reset’, ‘Build Back Better’, ‘The New Normal’, ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, and ‘Just Eat Bugs’ comes this gem…

We’re developing, through technology, an ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint.’

‘Hurray!’ said nobody outside of Davos.

J. Michael Evans, president of Alibaba Group, a Chinese e-commerce company, went on to explain:

What does that mean? Where are they travelling? How are they travelling? What are they eating? What are they consuming? So, individual carbon footprint tracker. Stay tuned. We don’t have it operational yet, but this is something that we’re working on.’

How thoughtful of a Chinese company, where social credit scores are already a thing, to create an app by which we can all track our emissions.

The problem, of course, is that when globalists say ‘ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint’ what they really mean is ‘ability for us to measure your carbon footprint’.

Imagine an app that people with multiple waterfront mansions, yachts, cars and private jets can use to track what the average person living in a three-bedroom brick and tile in the suburbs is having on his pizza Friday night. 

All of this is necessary, of course, because ‘climate’. 

And ‘health’. 

The carbon tracker will be voluntary at first. But what the naïve climate botherers will regard as a helpful novelty for self-monitoring will really be the globalist camel putting its nose inside the tent.

Before long, use of the carbon tracker will be a condition of receiving certain government services. 

This will create the illusion of choice. And we’ve all been here before. The Covid vaccination wasn’t mandatory, remember. You were free to reject the jab if you were happy to lose your job and be banned from Kmart.

Finally, the carbon tracker will be mandated and fully integrated into our digital identity. What will be sold to us as self-monitoring will become mass monitoring?

The elites know they can do this because they’ve already had a trial run. Covid wasn’t all doom and gloom, only for the proles, you see.

The wet dream of the elites is that one day soon he will be able to tell you your vacation has been cancelled because you already used your carbon allotment.

Please walk home and keep your energy use to under two hours a day for the next six weeks. Failure to comply will lead to funds in your digital wallet being frozen. Have a nice day.’

You think I’m exaggerating?

Pfizer president Albert Bourla told the WEF meeting in Davos they are working on tablets that contain biological chips.

And once you take the tablet and it dissolves into your stomach it sends a signal that you took the tablet. So imagine the implications of that, the compliance,’ he said.

If they say these things out in the open, imagine what they say behind closed doors! Don’t worry, it was immediately tagged as fake news by social media fact checkers for ‘lacking context’ and being filmed at Davos in 2018 instead of 2022… It is unclear how saying something earlier makes it any less true.

Of course, the people proposing a carbon emissions tracker have no intention of applying it to themselves.

For all their hand-wringing about the environment, the World Economic Forum delegates didn’t fly to Davos on magic carpets.

The carbon tracker will stop working the moment you can afford your own private jet. It will be a case of carbon tracking for thee, but not for me.

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