Simon McCoy's warning shot to the Beeb

12 April 2021

3:55 PM

12 April 2021

3:55 PM

It was just a fortnight ago that the BBC’s grumpiest new presenter Simon McCoy announced he was off to join GB News after 17 years at the Beeb. It has not taken long for the onetime viral iPad star to fire his first salvo at the Corporation’s editorial choices, taking aim on Friday to criticise Auntie for running blackout tributes to the late Duke of Edinburgh. McCoy, who is renowned for his apathetic reportage on a generation of royal births, took to Twitter to complain about the saturation coverage, prompting a stand off with current BBC presenter Martine Croxall.

Oh, Simon

— Martine Croxall (@MartineBBC) April 9, 2021

I’m a news junkie – as you know. I understand news priorities – as you know. And the BBC has been superb. I am just talking as a viewer, who has been sitting I front of the telly for hours, and wondering what else is going on.

— Simon McCoy (@SimonMcCoyTV) April 9, 2021

Several commenters took issue with the news anchor’s apparent willingness to take a pop at the Beeb so soon after leaving – something which did not seem to faze the Old Shirburnian. Responding to one comment that it ‘Didn’t take you long did it?’ McCoy simply replied: ‘No.’

In subsequent posts the anchor made clear his view that ‘the BBC’s coverage was exemplary. Don’t misquote me’ adding ‘It’s not an attack. I admire the BBC immensely. But viewers and listeners should still get a choice – when, as a broadcaster, you have several channels – you can offer a choice. If you want to join the tribute to a wonderful man – I get it. One channel can do that.’

Steerpike wonders where on earth viewers could be getting such a choice in future. If such posts are a portent to future sideswipes, Mr S looks forward to tuning in to GB News to see more of the real McCoy.

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